Active Strategy for the Digital Enterprise

Workboard's solution helps organizations set, measure and execute strategic priorities faster.

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Workboard for OKRs, enterprise goals and objectives, and strategy management

Manage strategic priorities in real time to achieve them in less time.


  • Communicate the strategic plan and OKRs
  • Iterate with higher frequency
  • Enable managers to lead from OKRs to results


  • Cascade and align the plan and OKRs easily
  • Measure results mathematically and objectively
  • Get transparency on risks and progress


  • Align Kanban boards and workstreams to key results
  • Track progress on deliverables and actions
  • Meet on the strategic plan, OKRs, KPIs and actions
  • Coach in 1on1s

Transformational OKR solution. Workboard is a strategic partner in our growth.

Erik Huddleston
CEO, TrendKite

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Strategy Should Be Dynamic and Activated — Not Academic

As the world changes ever faster, the ability to iterate, activate and execute on strategic priorities is crucial – it’s your competitive advantage or your greatest weakness. Workboard transforms an antiquated approach to strategy alignment and progression into a dynamic, data-driven practice augmented by analytics and intelligence. Change your world faster.

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If you are serious about achieving your strategic priorities quarter after quarter, Workboard is for you.

Rani Hublou
Chief Marketing Officer

Results-driven companies large and small use Workboard Active Strategy Management and OKRs

Activate your
strategic priorities.

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