Reduce Your Stress & Increase Your Impact

About the Speaker
Dr. Baumgarten is a sought-after motivational maven and advisor to business leaders around the world.  She has been recognized as a global award winning leadership development consultant working alongside numerous brilliant business leaders at Microsoft, Google, Apple and many other businesses.  Before founding Lit Up Leadership, Dr. Baumgarten spent 14 years at Microsoft working with top executives and created the renown MACH (Microsoft Academy for College Hires) Generation Y career & leadership development programs.

“Maryann has built innovative and award winning programs and is strong in understanding people and systems.”

Ana White

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Lit Up Leadership
Dr. Maryann Baumgarten

Stress-Free Leadership Series

By increasing awareness of what’s stressing you out and making simple shifts, you can dramatically increase your impact at work, your team’s performance, and your own peace of mind.

Find out which tactics senior executives use from executive coach, Dr Maryann Baumgarten and put them to work for you!

Learn 5 tactics to leave stress behind and thrive:

  1. Identify your specific stressors to better manage them
  2. Determine when stress is sabotaging and when it’s beneficial
  3. Shift your focus from stress to progress more quickly
  4. Avoid passing stress on to your team and build their momentum instead
  5. Increase your capacity to lead and your impact

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