Vince DiMascio, CIO, BAL Global

“Workboard makes it easy to communicate strategy, define measurable results and align our actions.”

Vince DiMascio, CIO, BAL Global

Vince DiMascio is CIO of BAL Global, one of the world’s largest corporate immigration law firms. His team develops an innovative app used by the firm’s global high-tech clients to manage their global workforces and it provides the IT services the company needs to protect client data and grow revenues. His organization uses Workboard to define and align on OKRs and execute for results.

The top 5 reasons Vince loves Workboard are:

“We translated high level strategy into clearly defined results for every team in days.”

Workboard helped us quickly break the strategy down into aligned and measurable outcomes for each team for the quarter. It was a fast, focused way to launch into and achieve our 2016 strategy.

“Everyone understands and is aligned on goals.”

Literally everyone in the organization knows my goals and metrics for the quarter and their own team's or function's key results. Alignment — or misalignment — are easy to see.

“I have a real-time understanding of our progress on goals and strategy.”

Goals are only as good as their execution, and Workboard makes it easy for me to monitor progress across the organization. The heatmap makes it very clear where my attention and greater focus are needed — I can proactively drive results.

“Our distributed team works more holistically and productively toward goals.”

Workboard makes it much easier for leaders in my organization to manage staff and coordinate priority work across various locations; it creates seamless continuity. Distance and time zones don’t undermine accountability or follow through.

“We set an achievement example for the company.”

By making our goals and objectives clear, driving to measurable results and continuously aligning our actions for results, we make strategic progress very quickly. I love setting the example for high velocity achievement and high performance.

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“Workboard provides the clarity the organization wants and the transparency we need to achieve our strategic goals with greater agility.”

“Workboard keeps all employee goals connected to our companywide mission and strategy.”

“With Workboard, we're goal aligned in real-time and achieving our best every day.”

“Workboard keeps our corporate goals visible and helps people stay focused on work that matters.”

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