Aimee Allbritton, VP of Organization Development & CLO, Memorial Health System

“Workboard keeps all employee goals connected to the company-wide mission and strategy.”

Aimee Allbritton, VP of Organization Development & CLO, Memorial Health System

Aimee Allbritton, Vice President of Organization Development & Chief Learning Officer at Memorial Health System, uses Workboard for workplace collaboration, linking goals to strategies and dramatically reducing emails.

The top 4 reasons Aimee loves Workboard are:

“Workboard gives our team a sense of transparency and accountability.”

With Workboard, everyone on our team has transparency and knowledge of what other people are working on. There is now visibility across divisions in a way that was previously impossible. Projects are tracked in real time and it is easy to follow the progress employees are making on goals. People know they will be held accountable for work and the outcomes they are getting.

“We’ve institutionalized a better performance management model.”

By implementing Workboard, we are asking people to change their behavior, the way they do daily work and how they communicate with each other. As a business performance automation tool, Workboard helps the enterprise develop and stick to a strategy, continuously manage performance of employees, and allows employees to establish goals and align them to the overall mission.

“We get better results with less complexity and fewer tools.”

Before Workboard, we used Microsoft Outlook for email and managing tasks and PowerPoint and Excel spreadsheets to track and establish goals — Workboard has reduced email volumes by 50 to 75%. The dashboard is simple and straightforward — employees can click icons to manage personal work, produce goals and reports, and participate in teamwork and meetings. You still get the information, and you have the dialog, but you have it through Workboard.

“Automated reports free up employees to be more strategic.”

With 65 people in six departments, automated reporting and alignment of employees goals to the companywide mission and strategy saves time and allows our team to drive better results. Instead of creating PowerPoint and Excel documents, information on goals at risk and people and teams that need help are easily visible early on the quarter.

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