Jeff Sorenson, President and CEO, TeraRecon

“Workboard provides the clarity the organization wants and the transparency we need to achieve our strategic goals with greater agility.”

Jeff Sorenson, President and CEO, TeraRecon

Jeff Sorenson is the President and CEO of TeraRecon, the largest independent medical image viewing solution provider with a focus on advanced image processing innovation. As part of his annual strategy for the organization, Jeff is focused on accelerating innovation and achieving aggressive growth and market goals.

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The top 4 reasons Jeff loves Workboard are:

“Workboard helps me communicate goals and priorities across the organization.”

The whole organization now knows what’s important from top to bottom. They know what’s important to me and what they’re doing to achieve those goals — all of our work in the company is organized inside of Workboard. With the mobile app, goals and status are visible anytime and anywhere and the data is clear: the more people focus on their goals, the more they achieve.

“I am excited about Workboard and amazed by the response from employees.”

Where other tools are hard to roll out, the team’s response to Workboard was “cool tool.” Instead of laboriously tracking work through Excel or assigning tasks back and forth via email, we now organize work and projects in Workboard both within and across functions — and adoption was much faster than expected.

“We have the clarity and transparency we need to achieve our strategic goals.”

With clear and transparent goals, our team now aligns work to goals instead of prioritizing based on meetings on their calendar or the last email they received. Priorities are now determined by goals and target results for the quarter. Everyone can see what the deliverables are, the current status, full discussion, notes and documents all in one place. Collaboration is much easier and people have transparency. Because goals are visible across the board, teams engage in fun, friendly competition to achieve more.

“Workboard completely replaces the need for annual reviews.”

The Workboard 1on1 feature provides the framework for more frequent discussions between managers and employees. A cool visualization prompts both manager and employee to talk about levels of engagement, performance, and alignment and quickly address gaps.

See how Workboard is helping TeraRecon achieve strategic goals with greater agility.

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“Workboard keeps all employee goals connected to our companywide mission and strategy.”

“Workboard helps our global team execute with transparency, and we’ve cut email volume by 80%!”

“With Workboard, we're goal aligned in real-time and achieving our best every day.”

“Workboard keeps our corporate goals visible and helps people stay focused on work that matters.”

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