“The WorkBoard app is our ‘results network’ and it’s been a transformational experience for our organization.”

Erik Huddleston, President, Cision

DevOps Infrastructure Engineer

Every company has strategic priorities and urgency to achieve them, but very few have a cohesive, data driven approach to aligning, measuring and driving those strategic priorities at market speed. Yet, this is perhaps the most important business process to growth, and it’s the least automated today.

At WorkBoard, we’re creating an entirely new solution category with our Strategy & Results Platform to engage everyone from the CEO to the receptionist in understanding, aligning and achieving their organization’s strategy faster. We’re solving a real pain for customers, and our business is tripling every year! As an Infrastructure Engineer, you’ll help us keep WorkBoard ahead of customer growth by making continual scaling and performance improvements to the underlying infrastructure and help our product engineering team move quickly with confidence.

As a member of WorkBoard’s Dev team, you'll be automating all the things infrastructure: application and infrastructure deployment, continuous integration, monitoring, and alerting. You’ll be a foundational member of the Infrastructure team, working closely with CTO to mature our DevOps processes. Our engineering culture is highly collaborative, and we love working together to make an amazing product!

You’ll lead the design and development of tooling, automation, and dev processes for operating a fast-growing SaaS business. You'll also address the unique operational challenges of a real-time web application.

You'll help advise the team on minimizing operational complexity and architecting systems that make our application more testable, scalable, and dependable so the whole engineering team is more successful. You’ll take the lead on triaging and debugging operational issues and introducing tools and practices to improve deployment and testing. The DR process and its integrity and monitoring protocols will also be your responsibility; you’ll define and guide the team on on-call procedures.

You’ll join a team where everyone—including you—is striving to constantly improve the quality of experience we provide our customers by delivering at our best and being voracious learners. We are an incredibly supportive team and close to our customers. When problems arise, everyone in the engineering team pitches in. We are excited about a lot of things—what “best” looks like for our customers, what “breakthrough” looks like in engineering—and we share these passions across the company and with our customers. Customers even attend our hackathons, affectionately named WoBoCon.

WorkBoard uses the LAMP stack, the same open-source stack used at facebook and other super high-scale applications. WorkBoard makes extensive use of AWS, Node, ElasticSearch, Redshift and Redis within our infrastructure.

Bring 3-5 years of expertise in SaaS Dev Ops and infrastructure optimization, a builder mindset, and a technical degree. Your experience fortifying, scaling and maturing good DevOps processes are especially important in this role. You’ll also need strong communication skills to be a good partner and advisor to engineering peers.


  • Complete WorkBoard’s new-hire training week, and learn what it means to build an elegant Strategy & Results platform
  • Ramp up on WorkBoard’s deployment architecture, engineering stack and attend engineering sessions designed and presented by peers
  • Complete your DevOps starter project and deploy your first changes to the system!
  • Own, plan and implement your first infrastructure project.
  • Work with you manager to define your next perios objectives.


  • Systematically identify and tackle complex problems using our monitoring tools.
  • Make and implement recommendations for optimizing deployment and AWS.
  • Have a deeper understanding of the services that WorkBoard is comprised of and how they interact with one another.
  • Participate in infrastructure-specific diagnostics and resolve production issues.
  • Develop tools to increase the efficiency of our release processes.


  • Confidently manage our production servers, spin up new infrastructure on demand and add new services.
  • Attend deploy reviews to offer insights and help product engineers plan complex projects.
  • Level-up our monitoring.
  • Continue to optimize for increasing scale and a larger global customer base.
  • Contribute suggestions to roadmap for deployment and operations improvements.


  • Train engineers on DR and security policies.
  • Maintain knowledge of infrastructure design and operations best practices and teach them to rest of the team.
  • Learn expert skills in performance tuning of MySQL, Redis, and Elasticsearch.
  • Take part in SupOps rotation and serve as the front line for unplanned problems, one-off urgent tasks, and backlog work.
  • Contribute to effort to add multiple points of presence to improve WorkBoard’s offerings globally.
  • Help with our data modeling efforts to enable our ML driven features.

WorkBoard provides a powerful, modern results platform to help companies achieve their growth plans. Unlike most enterprise software, our solution is important to every employee, so we strive to set the high bar for capabilities that that delight and enable everyone to be more successful at work. Large enterprises like Cisco, Reliance Industries, Samsung, Deutsche Telekom, GE, Transamerica, Cision, and fast-growth companies like Go1, Influitive, Malwarebytes and many others use WorkBoard to fuel faster growth.

We are proud to be an equal opportunity workplace committed to building a team culture that celebrates learning, diversity and inclusion. If you’re hungry to grow your skills while growing a company, your sense of urgency matches the size of our market opportunity, and you value and enable team mates’ contributions, then come join us!

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