Elevate Business Performance with OKRs

This Agile Management Method Is Key to Fast, Great Results

Elevate Business Results with OKRs

Agile companies have long-range strategies, but many now plan and execute in fast sprints using the OKR methodology. They get results quickly, learn more and iterate faster than their peers. Because OKRs drive focus on near-term outcomes and actions required, these companies harness more of their people’s efforts — so results are faster and better.

Download this OKR Guide and Catalog to learn:

  • How OKRs help organizations clarify, align and execute on business goals
  • The importance and power of being a fast, results-driven culture
  • How to achieve operational excellence with OKRs
  • 5 pitfalls to avoid when rolling out OKRs
  • How to structure OKRs to drive focus and success


of employees know organization’s goals and how to achieve them


of profit margin separates the best and worst performer in an industry


greater economic impact is delivered by “accelerating” organizations


of organizations are actually accelerating; the majority are flat or declining

Deidre Paknad

“Your velocity quotient is now more important than your intelligence quotient. OKRs are a catalyst for fast, focused action and progressive excellence.”

Deidre Paknad
CEO and Co-founder, WorkBoard

Jeff Sorenson

“OKRs helped me align the company around a new vision and make huge progress quarter over quarter. Everyone knows the goals and is working toward them.”

Jeff Sorenson
President and CEO, TeraRecon