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“The amount of effort and time saved driving results accountability with WorkBoard has been massive.”

Andrew Kisslo
Chief of Staff, Microsoft Azure Marketing

“Having a tool that allows you to scale and operationalize the OKR framework is really important. We love WorkBoard.”

Anna Birch
Chief of Staff to Cisco Security Business GM & SVP

“This journey has reinvigorated our entrepreneurial spirit and the focus on the outcomes we create rather than the outputs.”

Greg Pryor
Senior VP, People &Performance Evangelist, Workday

“The company has performed extremely well over 2020, and I attribute some of that to WorkBoard and being very purposeful about alignment.”

Michael Marcellin
Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Juniper Networks

Accelerate results, unlock growth with Enterprise Results Management

Align OKRs across the organization

Measure what really matters

Get an instant picture of results and risks

Automate business and ops reviews

Meet and act on results data

Coordinate and collaborate on actions

“I talk about OKRs every week. Every week. WorkBoard is a strategic imperative for Vibra Healthcare.”

Brad Hollinger
Chairman and CEO, Vibra Healthcare

“I thought introducing OKRs would take us a year, but the fusion of Agile and OKRs created an instantaneous chemical reaction and delivered immediate alignment.”

Nanci Taylor
Vice President, Digital Strategy at IBM

“Using OKRs and WorkBoard has helped us amplify and accelerate results. I’m delighted with WorkBoard’s partnership and platform.”

Tony Werner
President, Technology Product, Xperience, Comcast Cable

“Improving our commercialization efforts through OKRs with WorkBoard is a strategic imperative.”

Phil Clark
VP, Research And Development, Automotive and Aerospace Solutions Division, 3M

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Practical Guide to Enterprise OKRs Practical Guide to Enterprise OKRs
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