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Wave Nine helps WorkBoard customers achieve their strategic priorities faster

About Wave Nine

After years of collaboration, WorkBoard and Wave Nine have partnered to empower customers worldwide to achieve their strategic priorities more effectively using the WorkBoard platform.

Wave Nine is a global boutique consulting and software company founded by two Silicon Valley veterans. They work together with high-profile customers across a range of industries to find and implement the best software tools and management techniques to deliver better results. With expertise in digital transformation and OKRs, Wave Nine's team of consultants is uniquely positioned to be WorkBoard's certified implementation and preferred integration partner globally. Together, they strive to create lasting change for their customers.

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“Strong leaders are already embracing the new reality of leading with digital tools to clearly communicate refreshed strategic priorities and to make teams feel comfortable to move forward and deliver results. Our approach to strategic alignment and resilience empowers organizations to adjust quickly in times of rapid change.”

Global OKR implementation experts with full remote delivery capabilities

Wave Nine and WorkBoard work closely with their customers to assess, develop and implement their OKR strategy. In addition to full-scale implementations of OKRs through the enterprise, Wave Nine combines short goal-refreshing workshops with operational and system support for leaders to drive results delivery. Effective change management ensures that all stakeholders are actively involved in the process, despite the fact of remote collaboration. All managers receive the training they need to become enablers of strategic resilience. A structured rollout framework ensures value in a matter of days.

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