Plans Sized to Your Organization's Needs

Basic Team

per user/month

First 10 users free!

For teams to coordinate and collaborate on work with transparency

Basic collaboration

  • Manage team work and projects
  • Automate status reports
  • Workstream and project dashboards
  • Slack, Google and other integrations
  • Internal, external and dynamic teams

Elite Team

per user/month

14 day free trial

For small goal-driven teams, businesses and nonprofits that want to set and achieve goals, have better meetings and 1on1s

Basic plus these integrated Elite features

  • Goals and OKRs
  • Heatmaps and leader boards
  • Group meetings
  • 1on1s and check ins
  • Goals seamlessly integrated with meetings

Elite Enterprise

Starting at:

per user/month

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For larger teams and organizations that want layered goals, higher alignment, and IT and administrative policies

Elite plus these Enterprise features

  • Advanced goals and metrics
  • Multi-level goal cascade and timeline
  • Workflow automation
  • Modular roll out
  • Single-sign on and IT policies
  • Centralized license and organization management
  • Access to Results Accelerator Services
  • Concierge onboarding and support
Basic Team Elite Team Elite Enterprise
Set, cascade and share goals and objectives
Chart metrics, KPIs and key results
Heat map of team and individual goals
Source goal updates and metrics from other apps
Transparency controls
Goal conversations
Peer and manager feedback
Advanced goals and metrics
Goal flow
Personal and team action items, tasks and to-do lists
Attachments and shared docs up to 5GB Unlimited Unlimited
Delegate, share, discuss and route work
Email action items and comments
Automated status reports and simple team check ins
Organize unlimited projects, with archiving and access controls
See team member workload, priority, pace and progress
Manage project and workstream files
Plan and conduct team meetings
Project, risk and priorities dashboard
Feedback and badges
Personal productivity and velocity stats
Weekly checkins
Continuous performance conversations and real-time assessment
Conduct 1on1s and include goals, actions and topics
Employee folio of work, badges, weekly progress, goals, 1on1s
Outlook, Google, Slack, Salesforce, other integrations
Email integrations
Import action items from CSV
Real-time sync across native iPhone, Android and Web app
Team admin role
Organization admin and HR role
Provision multiple teams or organizations
Modular roll out
IP and domain access controls
Single sign-on
Email and web support
Concierge service
Personal advocate
Phone support

You'll Be in Great Company

“We've delivered profound results with Workboard. We are aligned as a team, so our people can operate with confidence that they're working on the most important initiatives.”

Bill Berry, Strategic & Financial Leadership, Tacoma Power

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Workboard offer custom pricing plans?

Yes, we are happy to discuss a plan that is right for your organization.

How integrated are the goal, meeting and collaboration features in Elite?

Seamlessly! Put goals and deliverables on meeting agendas, turn meeting takeaways into action items, and update progress on goals and action items right in the meeting. Never waste time preparing status reports and dashboards of metrics for the meeting and be awesome at follow through.

What happens when I add my 11th seat of Workboard Basic?

You'll be prompted for a credit card for the additional user on the team.

Does Workboard offer monthly billing?

No, we don't and here's why: We invest in building an excellent product and providing awesome service which takes time and money. It's almost impossible to do well in a monthly subscription model. Moreover, we find that when you commit to goals and accountability all year long, you achieve far more. Workboard Basic is free for 10 users, which offers people who don't value Elite an easy alternative, and the free trial gives people time to assess the fit for their organization.

Does my team have to upgrade?

No, you can continue to enjoy Workboard Basic free for up to 10 team members indefinitely. Of course we hope you will expand your team, get more goal-focused and streamline your meetings!

What is Workboard's cancellation policy?

If you cancel within four hours of subscribing, your credit card will be fully refunded for Workboard Basic and Elite. To cancel your annual subscription and avoid future charges, cancel prior to your next billing period; your subscription will run its term but will not be renewed at the next billing period. We don't provide partial period refunds.

What happens if someone on the team leaves?

If you have purchased a Workboard Basic or Elite seat for someone on your team and that person departs, you will have a seat in your license pool that you can allocate to someone else.

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