CEO Event: Leading Fast, Smart Growth

Join our panel of experienced CEOs and Floodgate partner Mike Maples, Jr. as they go deep on growth. If you’re focused on driving smart growth or using OKRs to align outcomes as you grow, you’ll appreciate the insights and conversation!

Dare to Build a Legendary Company

Mike Maples, Jr., Floodgate
66 of 41,000 startups have had $1B outcomes since 2000 — hear what makes the pivotal difference from legendary investor Mike Maples, Jr. of Floodgate. Floodgate led seed or Series A rounds at Lyft, Twitter, Okta, Sonos, Xamarin, Clearslide and others.

Growth Breakthroughs CEO Panel

Erik Huddleston, Mark Organ, Deidre Paknad
This panel of CEOs will discuss their experience driving growth breakthroughs including:

  • Maximizing growth with the cash you have now
  • Aligning product, marketing, customer success and sales for smarter growth
  • Scaling yourself to scale the company
  • Shifting from activity management to results management for smarter outcomes
  • Removing internal barriers to growth
  • Tapping hearts and minds to grow more profitably

Erik Huddleston is CEO of TrendKite, an Austin startup on a growth curve that rivals Salesforce. Mark Organ is CEO and founder of Influitive, founder of Eloqua and author of best-seller The Messenger is the Message. Deidre Paknad is CEO of WorkBoard, a three-time startup CEO and founder with a successful exit from IBM.

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September 13, 2018
M12 Reactor Microsoft - San Francisco

6pm – 8pm with reception and light meal