Webinar Recording
10 Leadership Lessons from Iconic Tech Leaders

What Jobs, Gates, Wozniak, Schmidt and others taught me about leading.

Featuring David R. Bradford, author of Up Your Game.

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These leaders have literally changed the world and led that change from humble company beginnings to the giants that they are today. Join David Bradford, author of "Up Your Game" and Chairman of the Board at HireVue, as he shares insights and leadership lessons he learned by working with these and other iconic leaders.

Great leaders make their jobs seem effortless, but the decisions they make and the courses they navigate are often far from easy or obvious. Hear how these leaders approached strategic choices, drove innovation and built some the largest, most creative teams in the world. Because leadership is a personal quality and behavior, not a role or title, the lessons offered in this webinar can be applied to anyone at any stage of their career.