Webinar Recording
Mastering Goals and Metrics

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Achieve Your Goals with Workboard


Webinar Recording
Mastering Goals and Metrics

Master Your Goals and Metrics with Workboard

Set compelling goals, cascade them to your teams, measure progress, and achieve transparency in just minutes!

Goal setting is both art and science. Goals should inspire, stretch and engage our teams; metrics should make it clear when goals are achieved. More importantly, they are an essential management and leadership tool: if your team doesn't know the goal, there is little chance they will achieve it! But defining goals that motivate, establishing clear metrics for success and keeping the team centered on achievement are the most difficult of management tasks.

Goals that Galvanize

This Workboard community webinar on mastering goals and metrics includes guidance and shared experiences on how to:

  • Create goals that inspire your team and align with your organization
  • Apply popular goals frameworks such as OKRs, SMART and KPIs
  • Set objective and subjective success metrics that ensure great outcomes
  • Safeguard against typical goal breakdowns and improve the odds of achievement

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