Panel Discussion

Accelerating Out of the Pandemic: How Ford Aligns & Drives Faster Strategy Execution with OKRs

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When global macroeconomic forces combine to make capital and resources scarce, aligning teams and iterating on strategy has never been more important. To successfully navigate the road ahead, industry leaders look to modernize the rhythm of business to capitalize quickly on the winds of change with the people they already have.

Watch now to hear panelists from Ford delve into the journey of accelerating Strategy Execution and how they are:

  • Aligning on strategy & OKRs to focus execution
  • Streamlining business and ops reviews to prioritize the best outcomes
  • Managing change through a monumental period of industry transformation
  • Accelerating momentum by simplifying complexities

See the Conversation!

Annie Goering
Former CoS – Model e Digital Products, Electrification Group Product Manager, Ford Motor Corporation

Currently leading the energy services product group at Ford, Annie has a background in digital product and business operations. She’s previously held roles as the Chief of Staff for Ford Model e Digital Product as well as a few other digital product roles within Ford and at start ups. Annie is originally from Alaska and in her spare time has a passion for fitness and running her own start-up.

Matt Stewart
Strategic Results Manager | OKR Coach, Ford Motor Corporation

Proven leader with history of leading high performing teams and managing organizational level projects. Demonstrated success under high stress environments through multiple deployments and leading front line pandemic response. Willing to make difficult decisions and take ownership for the results. Focused on developing good people who positively impact their peers and the customers we serve.

Jim Gawron
Chief of Staff - Ford Pro, Ford Motor Corporation

Jim Gawron is passionate about democratizing advanced mobility solutions including electrification and connectivity for businesses of all sizes, increasing productivity and promoting more sustainable operations. He currently leads strategy and governance for Ford Pro, a separate business within Ford delivering solutions to commercial customers to increase productivity through connected services and work-ready gas and electric vehicles.