Executive Discussion

A Practical Path to the Future of Work: Steps to Take Now

Strategic operations, talent teams, and business leaders will learn how they can adjust internal processes and thinking for success regardless of external conditions.

with Cathy Benko, Former Vice Chairman & Managing Partner, Deloitte, and Deidre Paknad, CEO and Cofounder, WorkBoard

Cathy Benko
Former Vice Chairman & Managing Partner, Deloitte

Deidre Paknad
CEO and Cofounder,

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Over the course of her 30-year career at Deloitte, including as Vice Chairman and Managing Principal as well as a best-selling author, Cathy Benko has focused on the future of work and the importance of cross-functional alignment to achieving an organization’s strategy. Cathy joins WorkBoard’s CEO, Deidre Paknad, to discuss recent shifts in how work gets done, and more importantly, how to embrace change to focus on what matters most.

Covid has accelerated the pace of change in the workplace as well as reshaped the future of work. There is 40X more project work being done now than 20 years ago, and previous tools and systems are not working for many organizations. Leaders are struggling with the workplace format — remote, hybrid, in-person — as well as how to work efficiently while creating value.

During this live conversation, Cathy and Deidre will discuss:

  • The importance of inclusion to achieving goals
  • How teams are the engine of value creation
  • Why fast value iteration beats lengthy planning
  • The value of asking for more outcomes, not hours

This conversation will detail why and how to elevate your operating model so it meets the organization’s needs now.

Cathy Benko
Former Vice Chairman & Managing Partner


Cathy Benko spent 30 years at Deloitte culminating as Vice Chairman and Managing Principal. She’s also written three books on the topic of strategic operations: The Corporate Lattice, mass career customization, and Connecting the Dots. Currently, Ms. Benko holds several Board seats including Nike and WorkBoard. She is a recognized leader in employee engagement and organizational change.

Deidre Paknad
CEO and Cofounder


Deidre Paknad has founded and led three tech startups, acquired companies and been acquired, and led a high-growth business as an executive at IBM for several years; this affords her a unique perspective on using both speed and scale to drive growth. In her role as CEO at WorkBoard, she works with senior leadership teams at some of the world’s largest companies to clarify, align, and drive strategic priorities with greater speed and agility. She has 17 patents and has twice been inducted into the Smithsonian for innovation.