Special 2-Part Webinar Course for Nonprofit Leaders

Strategies for Sustainability

Featuring David Sena, Coach, strategist, and fundraising expert.


Leading a nonprofit is both noble and challenging. Funding, organization depth, operating infrastructure and long-term sustainability are complex. Without real strategies and a clear focus on execution, organizations struggle more than necessary.

In this two-part course, learn a strategic framework for fundraising and how to create a fundraising culture that sustains the organization into the future. Learn how to improve succession planning and infrastructure tips that help optimize scarce resources and create long-term organization "memory".

Attendees will get:

  • A practical and actionable funding framework
  • Succession checklists to assess their own readiness
  • Playbook for setting and achieving fundraising and operating goals in Workboard

Coach, strategist, and fundraising expert Dave Sena has trained hundreds of non profits and this is a rare opportunity to get his expertise virtually — don't miss this two-part course!

Featured Speaker

Dave Sena

Dave Sena
Coach, strategist, and fundraising expert

Dave helps nonprofits take the next step in their fundraising journey through leadership coaching and systems development. He provides individualized fundraising and leadership solutions for nonprofits, and trains hundreds of nonprofits in North America and across the globe through his coaching networks. With 13 years experience as an Executive Director, he helps connect nonprofit leaders with donors to fuel their cause.