Practical Guide to Enterprise OKRs

A Practical Guide to Enterprise OKRs

Download the Guide to learn how leading enterprises use OKRs to cultivate an Outcome Mindset and execute the strategy at scale.

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Put theory into practice

OKRs have the power to drive sharp focus, fast growth, and high alignment for organizations of any scale. But all OKRs aren’t created equal. The popular books Measure What Matters and Radical Focus articulate why OKRs are so powerful, but fail to offer clarity on how to successfully implement them.

The Practical Guide to Enterprise OKRs uncovers:

  • Why getting the leadership team aligned is critical to running a successful OKR program
  • How to drive OKRs across the teams that hold 99% of the company's execution capacity
  • How to set the right KR achievement threshold for your organization
  • When it's the right time to partner with experienced OKR coaches

The Only Complete Strategy Execution Stack

WorkBoard is the only Strategy Execution Platform and Playbook trusted by enterprise leaders.


every team on outcomes

  • Define long-range strategy
  • Align and measure OKRs
  • Adapt and iterate fast at scale


expected outcomes efficiently

  • Streamline reviews and scorecards
  • Focus and automate weeklies
  • Connect workstreams to outcomes


with instant insights

  • See progress instantly in heatmaps
  • Compare by objective, team and time
  • Synthesize learnings and measures

What are the business benefits of OKRs?

Strategic Clarity

OKRs provide transparency and clear visibility into each team’s strategic objectives, so everyone knows the strategy and how their work contributes to achieving it.

Vertical & Lateral Alignment

Teams localize OKRs into their nouns, verbs and numbers and enrich them with the team’s expertise and insight.

Aspirational Outcomes

Teams can set big, bold Objectives and use Key Results as clear measurements of success.


OKRs are designed to be fully transparent across an entire organization, ensuring that every team member is contributing to achieving the goal.

Resource Allocation

Greater visibility eliminates redundancies and focuses human capital on executing the strategy.

Systematic Learnings

Organically capture ongoing learnings and document how team members navigate and overcome roadblocks. OKRs help create an environment of systematic learning that permeates an entire organization.

This best practices guide shows how enterprises can move their entire organization to OKRs programmatically, quickly and successfully. Download this practical guide and discover how to execute strategy with OKRs.


“I thought the benefits of OKRs and WorkBoard would take awhile, but it was instant. And it was contagious and transformative.”

Nanci Taylor
Vice President, Digital Strategy at IBM

“At every level, we have a set of interconnected OKRs, so employees can relate their work all the way up and down the organization. And that gives purpose and drive in what the team is doing.”

Vikas Butaney
Chief Product Officer and VP/GM, Cisco

“The transparency from WorkBoard’s heat map is a key factor of our cultural transformation.”

Alexandra Malak
VP HR People Innovation & Digital Transformation, Renault Group

“This journey has reinvigorated our entrepreneurial spirit and the focus on the outcomes we create rather than the outputs.”

Greg Pryor
SVP, People & Performance Evangelist, Workday

“Now we have a single purpose-built strategy execution platform that lets everyone communicate about the work that is getting done in one place. We are better for having worked with WorkBoard.”

Rich Barger
Global Director, Cyber Threat Intelligence Ops & Product Strategy, Accenture

“WorkBoard makes it easy to take strategy and put it into execution.”

Patrick Thompson
Chief Information & Digital Transformation Officer, Albemarle

See how OKRs drive strategy execution with WorkBoard

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