Workboard Increases Leadership Capacity at OneLogin

“I have more leadership capacity”

Rani Hublou, CMO, OneLogin

“Workboard increases my leadership capacity by providing visibility and automating the day-to-day transaction and communication aspects of management.”

Rani leads a fast-paced marketing team in the hot identity management space.  She's run teams from 5 to 500 people and is a strategic, structured thinker with a McKinsey heritage.  The OneLogin and its marketing team are growing rapidly, so it's important to stay focused on strategic priorities, execute well and provide plan and progress transparency to both the marketing team and the rest of the organization.

The top 5 reasons Rani loves Workboard are:

Workboard increases my leadership capacity

Workboard automates the tedious aspects of management — day to day communications, getting visibility and transactional work.  I can manage a larger team and deliver more strategic impact.

It improves accountability across the board

I hold myself accountable to my team and the CEO with Workboard.  With our priorities, action items and reports in Workboard, it is far easier to hold my team accountable as well.

Nothing gets lost, the right things get done

When everyone is actively working on 20 things and 10 more are added every week, there are many things in the air and tough decisions to make on what not to do.  Workboard makes it very easy to set and work priorities.

Workload and priorities are transparent,
so we aren’t hijacked by email requests

Marketing gets requests from everyone to support initiatives and its work isn’t always tangible to others.  With Workboard, everyone can see marketing’s workload and we can have more constructive conversations about where resources should go.

Performance reviews take 70% less of my time
and are fact based

Weekly status reports capture the record of accomplishments so reviews are fact-based and everyone is on the same page about priorities and progress long before review time.

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