Workboard's Business Velocity Platform

Affectionately known as WoBo by customers

Radical Clarity on Quarterly Business Plan at Every Level

  • Get a full picture of the business, plan and progress across functions
  • Surface and source KPIs and key results from disparate functions and systems
  • Stay focused on results, not reactions
Running Business Reviews provide a continuous and cohesive view of business objectives, KPIs, strategic initiatives and risks
  • Define and drive cross-functional initiatives with their own objectives and key results
  • Visualize alignment and dependencies across the organization
  • See risks to the plan at every level
  • Give everyone the big picture so they make better decisions faster
Replace MoRs and QBRs with automatic reports

Get a Continuous Picture of the Business and Progress to Plan

  • Spot risks faster, improve decisions and eliminate tedious reporting cycles
  • Roll up metrics and KPIs from disparate functions, levels and data sources automatically
  • Recover 30-40% of managers’ time by eliminating reporting
  • Get the details in real time from phone, iPad and Web
  • Spot and address risks to plan earlier
Cascade goals through the enterprise
  • Push-button reports on progress to results
  • Tailor and automate status reporting – summary or detail
  • Slack the report to people, email or print (with no prep)
  • Information flow on the plan is fast, easy and actionable
Cascade goals through the enterprise

Continuously Align the Plan and Execution, and Identify Risks Faster

  • Visibly link projects and actions to outcomes and results
  • Eliminate upline status reporting entirely
  • See what’s slipped or at risk, follow up fast
  • Automate basic weekly project status reporting
  • Integrate with other systems of work where they exist (Jira, Asana, Salesforce, etc.)
Cascade goals through the enterprise
  • Make it easy for managers to goal-align work and drive results
  • Scale managers time, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Make it very easy for people to do the right work and collaborate within and across teams
  • Track and manage deliverables as they progress from planning to completion
  • Eliminate spreadsheets and cut internal emails by more than 50%
Manage Workflows with convenient drag-and-drop interface

Remove Roadblocks Faster and Use Meetings to Move Forward

  • Surface risks and get status without meetings, reports and emails
  • Use meetings to brainstorm or breakthrough
  • Define and coordinate shared outcomes across functions
  • Make faster, better decisions
  • Use smart meeting agendas to put results and risks on meeting agendas; capture actions and decisions
  • Cut meeting time by 30%
Cascade goals through the enterprise
  • Use 1on1 meetings to coach people to their highest level
  • Give managers and employees an easy framework to calibrate and improve performance and alignment
  • Use fun badges and fireworks to recognize achievements as they happen
Cascade goals through the enterprise

Raise Your Velocity Quotient