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Blog post: Micromanagers Make Less Productive Workers. But What About Elon Musk?

Micromanagers Make Less Productive Workers. But What About Elon Musk?

Leonard KimLeonard Kim :: Leader Development

Entry level workers don’t work well with someone breathing down their neck. It makes them nervous. It makes them choke. Leaders, on the other hand, are not the same as an entry level or mid level employee. They each have a criteria to live up to. The benchmark they have to live up to are not only that of the ultimate leader, but of the greater vision as well. It is one leader’s job, to attract other leaders, to move forward together. This, is what we would call the inner circle.

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If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.' -Yogi Berra

Are You a One-Pitch Leader?

Jeff LugernerJeff Lugerner  ::  Wed, March 11, 2015  ::  Leader Development

In baseball, the term “one pitch pitcher” refers to a pitcher who is overly reliant on one type of pitch (fastball, curveball, etc.) to be effective. History tells us this approach has limitations and ultimately limited success. They lack the versatility in their repertoire of pitches to solve the many different kinds of situations they face in the course of a game. Experts will tell you that the best pitchers have 3-4 different pitches they can throw at any given time and at any velocity they choose to solve the predicament in front of them.

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Blog Post: The 4 Non-Negotiable Qualities of Leadership

Want to Be More Successful? Set Goals.

Deidre PaknadDeidre Paknad  ::  Tue, February 17, 2015  ::  Goal Achievement

People with goals achieve more and are more successful — a lot more successful — than peers without them, whether they’re scientists, students, or corporate execs. Organizations whose employees are actively engaged in goal achievement have 3x greater operating margins in any given year than companies with lower engagement levels.

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Blog Post: The 4 Non-Negotiable Qualities of Leadership

The 4 Non-Negotiable Qualities of Leadership

Deidre PaknadDeidre Paknad  ::  Thu, February 5, 2015  ::  Leader Development

Leadership is a personal quality and behavior, not a role or title. And it’s an increasingly important capability in large enterprise as distance between people increases. In addition to physical distance between people, there is an even more fundamental and growing gap between people and their jobs and goals. While it’s always been important for senior managers and executives to lead, it’s never been more important for front line managers to do so.

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Blog Post: Introducing Workboard Elite App

Introducing Workboard Elite App

Jon SilversJon Silvers  ::  Tue, January 27, 2015  ::  Goal Achievement

Today we’re excited to announce the general availability of our new Workboard Elite app. Our first premium app makes it easy for managers to set and achieve their goals by linking goals, work, progress transparency and feedback together. It is seamlessly connected to the Workboard Basic app, so now your teams actions, real time priorities and progress always align to your business goals and metrics.

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Blog Post: The Dreaded Weekly Status Report

The Dreaded Weekly Status Report

Christina WodtkeChristina Wodtke  ::  Fri, January 16, 2015  ::  Leader Development

I remember the first time I had to write one of these puppies. I had just been promoted to manager and was running a small team. I was told to “write a status email covering what your team has done that week, due Friday.” Well, you can easily imagine how I felt. I had to prove my team was getting things done! Not only to justify our existence, but to prove we needed more people. So I did what everyone does: I listed every single thing my reports did, and made a truly unreadable report.

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Blog Post: Be Fearless About Feedback

Build Your Leadership Capacity in 2015

Deidre PaknadDeidre Paknad  ::  Wed, January 7, 2014  ::  Leader Development

During this time of year, it is traditional to reset personal goals and dream up new ones: What do you want to accomplish? What steps and actions will you take to achieve your goals? How do you want to engage with team members and colleagues? Use this free weekly framework for building new leadership habits to achieve your goals.

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Blog Post: 4 Tips for Keeping Your Balance in the Year-End Blitz

4 Tips for Keeping Your Balance in the Year-End Blitz

Deidre PaknadDeidre Paknad  ::  Wed, December 10, 2014  ::  Strategy & Execution

During the holiday season, almost 70% of people report additional stress from lack of time and money. These 4 tips can help you achieve more success and enjoy more holiday bliss amidst the work blitz.

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Blog post: The Art of the OKR

The Art of the OKR

Christina WodtkeChristina Wodtke  ::  Thu, December 4, 2014  ::  Goal Achievement

The OKR approach to setting goals has been used at Google, Zynga, General Assembly and beyond and is spreading like wildfire across successful Silicon Valley companies. Those companies that have adopted the approach are growing like weeds. So if you want your company to execute like the hounds of hell are behind them and the gates of Valhalla are open before them, try the OKR approach.

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Blog Post: 4 Ways to Increase Your Execution (and Career) Velocity

4 Ways to Increase Your Execution (and Career) Velocity

Deidre PaknadDeidre Paknad  ::  Wed, November 18, 2014  ::  Strategy & Execution

The formula for achieving goals is straightforward: apply team, time and budget to the specific work needed to reach the right results. Very successful people achieve goals faster and with fewer resources than peers; their execution velocity is high, which raises their career velocity. Their capacity to execute is focused on achieving clear goals so they need less time or resources to get from point A to point B; great business and career results follow.

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Blog Post: Be Fearless About Feedback

Be Fearless About Feedback

Deidre PaknadDeidre Paknad  ::  Mon, November 3, 2014  ::  Leader Development

Over 70% of employees think their performance would improve with more feedback and the vast majority say that recognition is more rewarding than cash. This presents a tremendous opportunity for both managers and team members. While feedback on what we do well is gratifying, feedback on what we can do better helps us improve — it’s an essential ingredient in career growth.

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Blog Post: 5 Ways to Manage Stress on the Job

5 Ways to Manage Stress on the Job

Deidre PaknadDeidre Paknad  ::  Tue, October 28, 2014  ::  Strategy & Execution

Work can push all our stress buttons: the need to achieve, fear of failing, reliance on others for our own success, overload, self-doubt and more. Ironically, how we respond to these stressors has a direct impact on our success and failure. When we react reflexively, the impact of our actions is often worse than the initial stress trigger. And while too much stress isn’t good, the sensation of stress is an important business signal — it can help us identify what needs our attention.

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