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Goal Achievement

Blog post: Achieve Bold Goals, Don’t Just Set Them

5 Steps to Stellar Year-End Reviews (even after this mid-year review moment!)

It’s mid-year review time and if you're like many people, you haven’t thought about goals in 5.5 months. Not a great moment for manager or team member, but it’s a common one. These five steps will help you be more successful and get more recognition at your year-end review.

Goal Achievement

Blog post: Achieve Bold Goals, Don’t Just Set Them

The Difference Between Dreamers and Doers

In many ways, setting goals is similar to dreaming of success. But achieving goals is infinitely harder and more complex. Consider these four tips for using your energy and capacity to achieve greater professional success.

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Blog Post: Build on Strengths, Avoid Weaknesses

Build on Strengths, Avoid Weaknesses

At your next set of performance reviews, you may discuss what goals were met, next year’s objectives, or where performance needs improvement. But new research suggests that more than fixing flaws, managers should be concerned with building on strengths.

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Blog Post: When It Comes to Setting Goals, Less is More

When It Comes to Setting Goals, Less is More

It's a great time to self-assess accomplishments on last quarter's goals and double down for great execution the rest of the year. Here are 3 tips to help managers set, stick to and achieve business goals.

Strategy & Execution

Blog Post: Getting to the Truth of What Motivates Millennials at Work

Getting to the Truth of What Motivates Millennials at Work

Millennials are disrupting norms in the best and worst possible ways, and the future rests on their frighteningly fickle shoulders. Invest on developing these talented young people: you will be developing the next great workforce.

Leader Development

Blog Post: The 4 Non-Negotiable Qualities of Leadership

The 4 Non-Negotiable Qualities of Leadership

Leadership is a personal quality and behavior, not a role or title. And while it’s always been important for senior managers and executives to lead, it’s never been more important for front line managers to do so.

Leader Development

Blog Post: The Five Things Great Bosses Do

The Five Things Great Bosses Do

Studies show that when you’re great at your job, the results are high employee engagement, higher profits, and better customer service. This infographic celebrates great bosses and the five things they do that make their teams and their organizations very successful.

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Blog post: 6 Lessons for a First Time Manager

Six Lessons for a First Time Manager

As a manager, you need to work with and through your team coordinating, prioritizing and delegating work to achieve results. These tips can help you quickly transition to a great manager of a high velocity team.

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Blog Post: 6 Hallmarks of High Performing Teams

6 Hallmarks of High Performing Teams

High performing teams seem to generate their own energy and elevate everyone on the team to their full potential. What sets these teams apart from the rest?

Strategy & Execution

Blog Post: 4 Ways to Increase Your Execution (and Career) Velocity

4 Ways to Increase Your Execution (and Career) Velocity

The formula for achieving goals is straightforward: apply team, time and budget to the specific work needed to reach the right results. Very successful people achieve goals faster and with fewer resources than peers; their execution velocity is high, which raises their career velocity.

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Blog Post: Be Fearless About Feedback

Be Fearless About Feedback

While feedback on what we do well is gratifying, feedback on what we can do better helps us improve. By viewing feedback as learning and leading opportunities, we maximize career and team velocity.

Goal Achievement

Blog post: The Art of the OKR

The Art of the OKR

The OKR approach to setting goals is key at high growth Silicon Valley companies. Coach, consultant and guest velocity guru Christina Wodtke offers a template for masterful goal achievement.