Workboard Mobile Apps

Once you've created your Workboard account on the web, download one of our mobile apps to keep your team's goals and status visible anytime and anywhere.

"Workboard and the new iPad are a terrific, transparent way to manage OKRs and align work with results."

Bill Berry, Rates and Planning Manager, Tacoma Power

Workboard for iPad

  • Set Clear, Inspiring Objectives
    Clarify what you want to achieve this quarter and align on aspirations.
  • Define Aspirational Key Results
    Quantify how you’ll measure success and declare victory in each area of the organization.
  • Get Real Time Visibility
    Team meetings, heat maps, instant reports, iPhone and iPad give you real time facts to run your business.
  • Make Coaching & Recognition Your New Normal
    Badges and team kudos make work more rewarding; regular 1on1s help people grow and teams succeed.
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Workboard for iPad

Workboard for iPhone

  • Be a Goal-Driven Team
    Set short range, galvanizing goals and OKRs that are on people’s radar every day. See quarter and monthly goals and KPIs from your phone. Everyone can make better execution decisions and engage on achievement.
  • Align & Simplify Execution
    Align your time and effort to achieving your goals. Get real-time transparency across projects and people, collaborate on work, automate reports and dashboards, and accelerate execution.
  • Give Feedback to Build Culture & People
    Give feedback badges and kudos on people’s work and achievement. Have regular 1on1s with goals, actions and growth topics and visualize perception gaps instantly.
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Workboard for iPhone

Workboard for Android

  • Work Your To-Do List Instead of Your Inbox
    See what’s on your ToDo list today, track and add action items and stay focused on real priorities. Mark action items done with a tap; status is up-to-date and visible to the right people.
  • Collaborate on Work and Share Action Items
    Take and share notes and checklists. Subscribe to other people’s action items and delegate work across the team. Everyone’s ToDo list is in sync across Web and mobile.
  • Get Instant Status Reports and Dashboards
    Get real-time dashboards with work in progress and status on goals and objectives. Weekly status reports are automated.
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Workboard for Android

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