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Clear Objectives

Use short term, real-time goals and OKRs to give people radical clarity and continuous transparency; eliminate QBRs and slow, tedious reporting.

Fast Execution

Align people, projects and effort to goals; collaborate effortlessly across the organization; reduce meeting and decision time.

Better Guidance

Use 1on1s more effectively and recognize achievements more often to accelerate results and growth.

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Blog: Why Use OKRs?

Use OKRs to Achieve More Next Quarter

Bold OKRs are adopted by companies for one of three key reasons: Focus, Alignment, or Acceleration. Learn how to use stretch goals to encourage employees to continually push the envelope towards great achievement.

An Execution Framework for Achieving Ambitious Goals

An Execution Framework for Achieving Ambitious Goals

How are your planned outcomes versus actuals monitored week over week and how much does your approach vary over the course of the year? Without a consistent execution framework, it’s easy to lose time and hard to achieve ambitious goals.

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To transform results, start with your management model

While leaders want the organization to be more agile and accountable, many lack an agile model for driving outcomes and accountability. High velocity organizations use Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to move forward faster.

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