Active Strategy for the Digital Enterprise

Workboard brings strategic priorities and OKRs to life.

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Refresh plans faster, align further

Measure results objectively

Live the plan real time

Engage people in strategic outcomes

Visions do come true

If your strategy is to be an agile data-driven digital business, then your approach to strategy should be too.

Workboard for OKRs, enterprise goals and objectives, and strategy management

Raise your velocity quotient with Workboard.

Organization VQ is as important as IQ: How fast it anticipates challenges and opportunities, how responsive its strategic priorities are to market changes, and how quickly people engage in achieving new results.

Decks, town halls and people glue don’t cut it in a digital world, and it’s impossible to be a data-driven enterprise when strategic progress is narrative in PowerPoints.

Workboard is to strategy what agile is to development. Adjust strategic priorities more often and communicate them faster, measure results objectively, and fully engage teams in greater achievement – and see the whole picture anytime, anywhere.

Strategies must be more agile and evolve, and people need to be engaged quickly to retain and gain markets.

Our customers are transforming organizations and markets

Workboard provides the clarity and transparency we need to achieve our strategic goals with agility.

Jeff Sorenson
President and CEO, TeraRecon

In two weeks, we went from strategy to fully aligned KPIs and active execution. Invaluable in organization transformation.

Vince DiMascio
CIO, BAL Global

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