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The essentials of agile management in the results-driven enterprise:

Clear Objectives

Use short term, real-time goals and OKRs to give people radical clarity and continuous transparency; eliminate QBRs and slow, tedious reporting.

Focused Execution

Align people, projects and effort to goals; collaborate effortlessly across the organization; reduce meeting and decision time.

Better Guidance

Use 1on1s more effectively and recognize achievements more often to accelerate results and growth.

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Leading a Multi-Generational Workforce

The workforce is in the midst of an epic transition — capitalize on the dynamics and diversity to improve velocity and agility. Download this free ebook for CIOs and Senior Executives to learn how to bridge generational gaps in the workplace.

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Radical Clarity: The Key to Accountability

To achieve growth and transformation, engage your team in your vision of the future and provide them with a prescriptive definition for their success in that future. Learn how to increase your organization's velocity through OKRs and achieving clarity on the team's mission for faster, better results.

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Workboard provides the clarity the organization wants and the transparency we need to achieve our strategic goals with greater agility.

Jeff Sorenson, President and CEO, TeraRecon

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“Workboard gives us clarity on our strategy and goals across the organization and alignment at all levels.”

“With Workboard, we're goal aligned in real-time and achieving our best every day.”

“Workboard helps us communicate relevant, compelling goals with clear metrics to align our actions to achieve them from the boardroom to the back office.”

“Workboard has been of tremendous value to my organization and every person in it. That's a rare thing.”

To transform results, start with your management model

While leaders want the organization to be more agile and accountable, many lack an agile model for driving outcomes and accountability. High velocity organizations use Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to move forward faster.

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