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With Workboard, we're goal aligned in real-time and achieving our best every day.

Rani Hublou, Chief Marketing Officer, Comprehend

Radical Clarity and Real-Time Alignment

Achieve far more when your team understands near term goals, aligns and focuses execution, and gets real-time feedback on work well done and areas to improve. Raise your impact and your team’s agility, accountability, and achievement.

My team is more aligned and our goals are much clearer.

Bill Berry, Manager — Rates, Planning & Analysis, Tacoma Power

Make Goals Crystal Clear

Set and share short term, ambitious goals that motivate people to achieve their best. Quantify success so the team knows when to declare victory and how to communicate its impact for the company. Achievement velocity skyrockets when everyone is inspired, aligned, and you have real-time transparency on goals and execution.

Execute Flawlessly Every Day

Raise achievement by aligning on the actions needed to accomplish goals and help your team collaborate to completion. Balance priorities in real time, allowing you to power through meetings on goals and deliverables at risk, and making decisions actionable.

Provide Better Coaching and Feedback

Grow and engage your team continuously and create a culture of recognition. Get workload visibility to help prioritize and use feedback badges for outstanding work and achievement. Have regular 1on1s with goals, actions, and growth topics, and visualize perception gaps instantly.

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