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Andrew Adelman for Workboard's Velocity Guru Series

Building a High Velocity Team

by Andrew Adelman
CEO, Coretechs

Andrew runs a successful recruiting company and a successful cycling team, so he knows the importance of finding talent and helping them reach real velocity.

Hear Andrew's tips for building a great team 

Rebecca Kaykas-Wolff

From Great to Great Manager

by Rebecca Kaykas-Wolff
Group Product Marketing, Social, Adobe

So you’ve been promoted to manager because you’re great at your job, but now your job is managing.   What habits and skills need to change?

Get 6 tips for success as a new manager 

Leaders are learners

Be the leader YOU want to follow.' - Cherie Healey, Master Obstacle Remover & Game Changer

Are You Building Career Velocity?

by Cherie Healey
Game Changer and Leadership Coach

Cherie offers sage advice on how to build career velocity and happiness with three essential actions.

Start accelerating now 

Why Workboard? Velocity.

We are happier when we're succeeding and happier still when success at work doesn't come at the expense of success in other aspects of our life.   Personal satisfaction from success is amplified when it's recognized within our organizations.

Success requires 1) transparency on current status, 2) well defined goals, then 3) application of team and time to goal achievement.   Harder said than done!   Reporting, chasing and compiling relevant facts and status on progress to goal consume an extraordinary amount of time.   The time spent chasing facts is time that isn’t spent achieving goals, but you can't succeed without the facts.  

We created Workboard to increase your velocity: accelerate your time-to-goal while collapsing the time, effort and friction required to achieve it.   Workboard makes facts and status transparent, goals ever-visible, reports relevant, and ensures your time and team are spent on goal achievement.   You'll happily have more visible success and more personal time.  

Be a rock star at work, have time to play.

How does it work?

Request early access to Workboard and we will do our best to get you in.   Once you’re in, set up your Workboard account on the web, download the app and invite your team.   In 5 minutes, you’re on your way to doing less busy work, getting more real work done, and finding a better work/life balance.  

How much does it cost?

If you’re in the early access program, you’ll get Workboard for free for a year – yep, your whole team for a whole year.   Request access now to get that sweet deal. Once Workboard is open to the general public, you will have several price options aligned to the teams you manage, features you need, and files you share.  

Is our data secure?

We take security and privacy very seriously.  You decide who to invite and each person has their own ID and password.  Data and files are encrypted as they move between your device and Workboard (SSL) and are stored encrypted.   Workboard is hosted in world-class, highly secure data centers with sophisticated, armed-guard security and access control.  Private instances are available for enterprise customers – just ask.