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Workboard is the team performance app managers choose for themselves: goals, priorities, actions, reports and feedback are always aligned, always available.

Workboard is free to use for as long as you want and with an unlimited number of people.

Great product — changing how my team works together!

Marie Zablocki, Zales


Manage your time and your impact! Keep personal and team action items aligned to goals to work your priorities instead of your inbox. Workboard makes it easy to share work and delegate from web or mobile.


Coordinate key initiatives and projects with instant status visibility for stakeholders. Hold team meetings, share agendas and capture actionable takeaways. Get automatic weekly status reports to save your team time. See all priorities and risks so you can manage by exception and eliminate hours spent on status check-ins.

Workboard provides 'Management Best Practices' in one neat little app!

James Bishop, Service King


Make business and individual goals tangible and relevant to your team to drive greater achievement. Effortlessly connect goals to the work people do and the recognition they receive. See progress across the organization and engage your team in more victory celebrations!


Balance team workloads, align efforts and enhance accountability. Be prepared and have better 1on1s with agendas, facts and follow through so you have capacity to coach your team to better performance. Engage team members in continuous performance conversations and eliminate surprises at year-end reviews.

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Move actionable emails to your Workboard and continue conversations via email. Workboard connects to your calendar and favorite apps to simplify work and maximize achievement.


Bring continuous performance management to your organization to help people achieve their best results. Provision a team, a department, an entire division or enterprise for greater alignment and achievement.

Used for rock star results at companies large and small:

Workboard is perfect for dynamic, fast-paced teams. I get facts I need without burdening the team.

Mike Masterson, Director, Big Data and Cloud Solutions, Dynatrace

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Experience the Zen of Achievement.

Workboard is free to use for as long as you want and with an unlimited number of people.