WoBo Strategy

Develop, measure, and publish long-range strategy

Develop smart strategies

Brainstorm strategic choices collaboratively using decision frameworks in an open surface canvas. Refine the strategy pillars, outcomes and assumptions together.

  • Set a multi-year horizon for company, business unit, product or other strategy
  • Use a common language for defining strategy
  • Enable every team to think long term and make smart value trade offs

Connect long-range strategy to this quarter’s OKRs

Put the strategy into action with quarterly objectives and key results that drive near term progress.

  • Link OKRs to strategy pillars
  • Map strategic assumptions to key results this quarter and overtime
  • Bring the strategy into your OKR Canvas so quarterly iterations align to long term strategy

Publish and measure progress

Iterate until it’s ready for prime time, then publish the strategy on a single page to be easily shared across the organization. Measure outcomes and test assumptions over time.  

  • See the pillars, outcomes, assumptions and investment plan on one page
  • Choose how you want to publish outside of WorkBoard
  • Display the strategy to stakeholders in the WorkBoard platform

WorkBoard's Strategy Execution Platform

Organization-wide clarity, alignment, and insights for growth


“We achieved our 3-year strategy in 2 years and increased revenue by 12% this year by better aligning everyone on outcomes and increasing our focus with WorkBoard. I wish I'd started sooner.”

—Sam Meckey, EVP of EXL Health, EXL

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