Long-Range Strategy

Iterate, align and communicate long range company, business unit, product and initiative strategy.

VISIONTo lead the future of mobility, enriching lives around the world with the safest and most sustainable ways of moving peopleMISSIONMake sustainable transportation accessible for allVALUESExcellenceTeamworkInnovationCourageLeading a Sustainable Future 2025STRATEGY TYPEFY 2025 - 2027PILLARSBecome the preferred customer option for electric vehiclesModernize our Business & Operating Model to AccelerateBe a great place to workOUTCOMESAchieve $200M in Global Sales by 2025 Achieve >50% market share by cars sold in North America by 2025 Reach 30% of revenue from international markets for electric vehiclesComplete a digital transformation with a fully integrated tech stack Adapt operating rhythm to iterate faster as a reaction to market changes 50% of all entry level employees are women Launch a bi-annual employee-wide satisfaction survey Attain 85% retention of top talentStrategyObjectives

Define your long range strategy

Clarify and align multi-year strategies for the business, products, and key initiatives so everyone knows the strategy. Demystify the strategy, measure progress toward it, and create a shared understanding of the:

  • Strategy pillars, long-range outcomes and progress
  • Underlying assumptions and whether they’re untested, proven or disproven
  • Risks to strategy achievement
  • Investments needed to achieve it

Connect strategy to this quarter’s OKRs

Now teams can use their clarity on what they want to achieve 2, 3, or 5 years out to define the objectives and results they need to achieve in the next quarter. OKRs drive high immediate focus, while long range strategy ensures they’re heading in the right direction.

  • Connect long range strategy outcomes to quarterly key results
  • Align OKRs to each strategy pillar
  • Bring long-range strategy into OKR sessions
  • Bring OKRs into strategy refresh sessions

Publish and share the strategy

Iterate until it’s ready for prime time, then publish it in all its glory to the right audience. They’ll see the strategy and related OKRs in one neat view.

  • One click to poster-ready strategy on a page (SOAP)
  • Share the pillars, outcomes, assumptions and investment plan on one page
  • Choose how you want to publish outside of WorkBoard
  • Bring the strategy into the right conversations seamlessly in WoBo MBRs and Scorecards

WorkBoard Applications

WoBo Strategy works seamlessly with all WorkBoard applications

“We achieved our 3-year strategy in 2 years and increased revenue by 12% this year by better aligning everyone on outcomes and increasing our focus with WorkBoard. I wish I'd started sooner.”

Sam Meckey
EVP of EXL Health, EXL

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