WoBo Objectives

Enable teams to set and align great objectives and easily measure key results

Set smarter objectives

Set smart OKRs the first time and every time in a fun, inclusive experience with coaching built right in!

  • See prior quarter and peer team OKRs on the Canvas to have a better alignment conversation
  • Run a better OKR retrospective conversation on learnings and victories
  • Publish OKRs seamlessly and transparently

Align OKRs across teams

Set and align OKRs for functional teams, pods and squads, and individuals; cascade objectives and see how all contribute to company objectives.

  • Align OKRs to one or more teams vertically or laterally
  • Map, mirror, or copy key results across teams
  • OKRs flow directly into Monthly Business Reviews (MBRs) and Weeklies

Measure progress fast and easily

Measure what really matters with the ability to define nuanced leading and lagging indicators – the process should empower not tax teams!

  • Every team sees its own pace of progress, with alerts when they’re falling behind their own ambition
  • Results are calculated automatically and confidence ratings add the narrative
  • Update results automatically with dozens of connectors

WorkBoard's Strategy Execution Platform

Organization-wide clarity, alignment, and insights for growth


“Using WorkBoard and OKRs, we get closer to simplicity in a very complex environment. And when we create that simplicity, we can focus. And when we can focus, we’re going to pick up speed."

—Kate Villari, Senior Director of Transformation, Strategy & Performance, AstraZeneca

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