Objectives & Key Results

Adapt, align and focus teams on Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) to increase execution capacity by 25%.

ECONOMICS Of A High Velocity, High Efficiency Business Q2 2022 - 27 days left 84%PEOPLE Have The Career Experience Of A Lifetime And Strong Connections Here Q2 2022 - 27 days left 72%FY22 Operating & Financial Plan Q2 2022 - 27 days left 54%75% of CORE revenue is multi-year subscription 72% of 75%Amanda DineroAs of Jul 475% weekly active users (WAU) for target segment accounts 73% of 75%Barry BosserAs of Jul 4130 target segment customers have the Snazzy v1 release in production EOQ (the committed KR is 27) 28 of 27MeUpdateAs of Jul 43CUSTOMERS Have An Exceptional Experience With Our Products And Our People Q2 2022 - 27 days left 63%My ObjectivesShow:Teams I manage and co-manageFOCUS On The Right Market Segments With Stand-Out Value Jack CEOMack: Company ELT71%Q2 2022 - 27 days left 85% of new customer bookings (ARR) are from customers in our target segments 84% of 85%Joe SmartsAs of Jul 485% revenue retention in our target customer segments (GRR) 82% of 85%Joe SmartsAs of Jul 414 DUEUPDATE KEY RESULTSMy OKRsMy Key ResultsMy Manager’s OKRsMy Team OKRsCOMPANY ELT

Set great objectives and key results

Set smart OKRs the first time and every time with WorkBoard’s fun OKR Canvas – coaching on great OKRs is built right in!

  • Brainstorm with the team on objectives and results to align on the few most important outcomes
  • Use tips on the Canvas to find words that inspire and set great measures of success
  • Share and measure OKRs seamlessly and transparently – they aren’t trapped in a whiteboard file!
  • Reflect and reset OKRs masterfully using OKR Canvas with handy reflection prompts and last quarter’s OKRs

Align on outcomes across the org

Align OKRs vertically and laterally across functional teams, squads and dynamic teams, or even individuals; see all OKRs aligned to a specific company objective and their aggregate progress.

  • Align and link OKRs in any direction
  • Stay focused on what matters with a simple, elegant “My OKRs” page
  • Find OKRs for a product, team, or person in seconds
  • Map, mirror, roll up or copy key results across multiple OKRs

Measure progress fast and easily

Measure what really matters with genuine leading and lagging measurements that empower teams with data to succeed. Enable teams to measure progress transparently to foster cohesion and reduce the impact of dependencies and surprises.

  • Add results fast and easily via Web, mobile or chat, or update key results with data from existing systems
  • Progress toward target outcomes is calculated automatically and mathematically
  • Teams see whether they’re on pace or not to achieving their intended outcomes
  • Add confidence ratings and qualitative assessments of progress

Integrate into your ecosystem

The WorkBoard platform works smoothly within the corporate ecosystem and was designed to bring a fresh approach to collaboration to large enterprises from the outset.

  • Connectors enable teams to connect WoBo Objectives to their existing tools to update key results in less than 5 minutes – no IT support required
  • Datastreams and data lake connectors make it easy to source data from existing BI systems, data sources like Snowflake, or your bespoke applications
  • Native experiences enable users to access and update WorkBoard OKRs from within common collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, Jira, and Slack.

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“Using WorkBoard and OKRs, we get closer to simplicity in a very complex environment. And when we create that simplicity, we can focus. And when we can focus, we’re going to pick up speed.”

Kate Villari
Senior Director of Transformation, Strategy & Performance, AstraZeneca

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