Build Leadership Skills & Strengthen Your Team

Blog post: Dump Corporate Jargon for More Impact

Time Management Training Doesn't Work  (Attention Management Training Does)

Knowledge workers are overwhelmed by incoming information — the “time management” techniques they learned in the past are failing them. Attention management skills are more important than time management. Clarity on role priorities not just task priorities, attention management skills and workflow management are needed to be truly effective.

Are Good Managerial Skills the Result of Nature or Nurture?

Management skill and leadership pipeline are the top talent concern of CEOs, yet 5% believe their pipeline is sufficient, so it is time to invest in the hard work of growing great managers. These four steps can help your organization cultivate, grow and instill management skills.

HWY 55 COO Shares His 7 Keys to Success and Scale

Creating a great business and successful franchise is art and science, timing and luck. While luck and timing are largely out of your control, Neal Dennis and the team at Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries can teach us a lot about the art and science of success.

Blog post: The Seduction of the Inbox

The Seduction of the Inbox

We tend to work on the last 20 items in our email inbox whether or not they’re worth working on. Without a persistent list of strategic priority work and clear goals, it’s impossible to execute well.