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WorkBoard makes results alignment, focus, and transparency remarkably easy.

Align on outcomes that everyone can see and measure
WorkBoard provides a systematic way to get teams aligned on true outcomes and empower high focus by providing:

  • A common syntax for clarifying what the company and teams are trying to achieve
  • Defined outcomes that are measurable, transparent and drive team actions
  • One plan from the board room to the lunchroom

Simplify accountability and ownership
WorkBoard enables transparency, simplified accountability and ownership for every team member:

  • OKR Heatmap broad transparency on progress to plan without the reporting motion
  • Intelligent signals alert teams and leaders when the pace is off
  • Plan vs actuals in a single place — not 10. Making the delta actionable and easy to understand with integrations to your business apps

“The amount of effort and time saved driving results accountability with WorkBoard has been massive.”

Andrew Kisslo
Chief of Staff, Microsoft Azure Marketing

“Having a tool that allows you to scale and operationalize the OKR framework is really important. We love WorkBoard.”

Anna Birch
Chief of Staff to Cisco Security Business GM & SVP

Give managers a framework for clarifying and driving outcomes
Automated business empowers every team member with the data and visibility to make smarter decisions and mobilize faster:

  • Outcomes are line of sight meaning every team lead can translate the strategic priorities to their team and their teams’ impact on the strategy
  • More transparency and asynchronous work means fewer meetings, adding a OKR to a smart agenda ensures meetings are useful
  • 1on1s journal makes it easy for every manager to be a better coach

Coordinate and collaborate on actions
Define, organize, and progress actions on collaborative Kanban boards — assigned actions, due dates, and status are transparent and available to stakeholders everywhere.

Meet for Results
Run fact-based virtual or in-person meetings with key results and charts automatically on smart agendas. Capture decisions and actions — and the list of actions from last meeting is right there to follow up in the next meeting.

“Using OKRs and WorkBoard has helped us amplify and accelerate results. I’m delighted with WorkBoard’s partnership and platform.”

Tony Werner
President, Technology Product, Xperience, Comcast Cable

“Improving our commercialization efforts through OKRs with WorkBoard is a strategic imperative.”

Phil Clark
VP, Research And Development, Automotive and Aerospace Solutions Division, 3M

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