The Only Complete Strategy Execution Stack

Long-Range Strategy

Iterate, align and communicate long range company, business unit, product and initiative strategy more effectively.

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Objectives & Key Results

Adapt, align and focus teams on Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) quarterly.

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Scorecards & Ops Reviews

Streamline business reviews and automate scorecards.

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Workstreams & Action Items

Drive focus and accountability by tracking progress towards the most important outcomes.

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Find issues and opportunities to accelerate outcomes this quarter and patterns to accelerate it next year.

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“Now we have a single purpose-built strategy execution platform that lets everyone communicate about the work that is getting done in one place. We are better for having worked with WorkBoard.”

Rich Barger
Global Director, Cyber Threat Intelligence Ops & Product Strategy, Accenture

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WorkBoard Core Platform

The platform underpins WorkBoard applications with essential services enterprises need. It houses the operating structure, security policy and permission management, architecture for secure integration points and APIs, and is designed to deliver securely at high scale.

Operating Structure

The WorkBoard platform has a native object model for functional org, direct and dotted line reporting structures, and dynamic teams so the org chart isn’t a barrier to aligning on outcomes.

IT Policy Management

Set and manage security, domain access, encryption, and team creation policies centrally. Segregate responsibilities for permissions and program management. Activate encryption using our key management or manage your own encryption keys (BYOK).

Security & Privacy

GDPR compliance, ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type 2 and SOC 3 certified with US and European data centers.

Scalability & Accessibility

The platform is designed and built for hyper scale and the largest, most complex enterprises. Including support for user and org chart expansion, reorgs and multiple business units in a single corporate entity. Our accessibility team enables your diverse workforce to enjoy the benefits of WorkBoard.

Connectors and Integrations

Meet people where they work with WorkBoard native integrations

Jira Integration
Jira Integration
Microsoft Teams Integration
Microsoft Teams Integration
Webex Integration
Azure DevOps Integration
Azure DevOps Integration
Slack Integration
Slack Integration
Outlook Integration

Automatically update progress on business results

Make it easier to rally on results.