Work with purpose

Execute strategy faster and energize teams by aligning OKRs, simplifying MBRs, focusing weeklies, and learning from analytics.

Align Objectives & Key Results
Align on great outcomes across the organization — link team, pod and squad OKRs to company outcomes.

Visualize alignment and gaps, and measure results authentically.

“The team really appreciates the alignment and transparency that WorkBoard brings.”

—Greg Higham, CIO at Malwarebytes

Simplify MBRs
OKRs flow straight onto business and ops reviews so it's 20x easier to manage to plan.

Add narratives to provide color; combine any KRs and objectives to communicate in context to make good operating decisions. Slash the effort and time it takes to prep and give people more time to lead and drive.

“We start our weekly staff meetings with WorkBoard’s biz review dashboard — it keeps us focused on exactly what we set out to do as an organization.”

—Tien Tzuo, CEO at Zuora

Focus Weeklies
Use the Calibrate & Celebrate ritual and nudges to focus effort where it makes the biggest impact. Bring strategic priorities into conversations and line of sight every day and give managers the facts to celebrate achievement.

Smart agendas for staff meetings and huddles include OKRs and the takeaways and decisions made that week.

“With WorkBoard we are able to have results that are visible to the entire organization. We literally can see on a daily, weekly, monthly basis if we are making progress.”

—Sam Meckey, EVP, Head of Healthcare at EXL

Learn from Analytics
Get results insights to optimize outcomes this quarter and overall capacity for achievement this year.

Scale leaders by surfacing what needs attention and delivering analytics on momentum in actionable ways. Compare current and prior period trajectories; the spread between best, average and least focused teams; and progress by objective and over time.

“As the former CTO for Microsoft Data & AI, I love data, I love analytics, but I need them to serve me in a business context — WorkBoard does that for me.”

—John Nisi, GM & COO, US Azure and Enterprise Business at Microsoft

Meet people where they work with WorkBoard native integrations

Jira Integration
Jira Integration
Microsoft Teams Integration
Microsoft Teams Integration
Webex Integration
Azure DevOps Integration
Azure DevOps Integration
Slack Integration
Slack Integration
Outlook Integration

Automatically update progress on business results

WorkBoard provides the security and scalability you expect

  • Numerous enterprise-wide deployments and at-scale customers on platform multiple years ​
  • US and European data centers with GDPR compliance
  • Hot failover for continuity ​
  • ISO 27001 certified ​
  • SOC 2, type 2 certified ​
  • Robust processes and practices​
  • Dealer-broker message archiving
  • Leading security firm conducts rigorous “inside-out” vulnerability review from source code annually
  • In-house security group and robust employee training programs
  • Significant ongoing investment in security and data protection org-wide
  • Microsoft O365 security certification
  • Quarterly pen testing by two third party firms
  • Bring your own keys
  • Dedicated Accessibility & Inclusion team that is both expert and diverse​
  • Investing in WCAG 2.1 AA adherence ​
  • On Web app, primary OKR and login path are accessible​
  • Continuous investment in inclusive navigation and experience​
  • 3rd party auditor engaged
  • Significant customer advocacy and transformative impact​
  • 3-time startup founder/CEO, IBM executive with 17 patents and 2 Smithsonian Innovation awards: Strong record of success for customers, investors
  • Microsoft, Workday, Intel, Capital One, Silicon Valley Bank, Andreessen Horowitz, Softbank, GGV Capital as investors — world class enterprises and investors with corresponding due diligence
  • Ranked 584 in Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America​
  • Ranked 162 on Deloitte Fast 500 companies list

Make it easier to rally on results.