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Align and Localize OKRs
Align strategic priorities through the organization, and localize objectives and key results (OKRs) to cross-functional teams and individuals. OKR software keeps everything line of sight.

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Measure Results Objectively
Measure what really matters automatically with OKR software! Chart, calculate and share progress on key results and success metrics on Web, mobile, Slack and Microsoft Teams. Source actuals to plan from business systems for continuous visibility.

Automate Business Reviews
Get continuous, contextual results data to make good operating decisions. Eliminate the slow, laborious cycle of slide deck management reporting, and use people's time to act on data in OKR software instead of compiling it.

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“The amount of effort and time saved driving results accountability with WorkBoard has been massive.”

Get Operational Visibility
Understand org-wide risks to strategic priorities and results in one second, even in a distributed work environment. One click to a full report on plan vs actual is a dream come true.

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Meet for Results
Run fact-based virtual or in-person meetings with key results and charts automatically on smart agendas. Capture decisions and actions — and the list of actions from last meeting is right there to follow up in the next meeting.

Coordinate and collaborate on actions
Define, organize, and progress actions on collaborative Kanban boards — assigned actions, due dates, and status are transparent and available to stakeholders everywhere.


“Having a tool that allows you to scale and operationalize the OKR framework is really important. We love WorkBoard.”


"Using OKRs and WorkBoard has helped us amplify and accelerate results. I’m delighted with WorkBoard’s partnership and platform."


"The partnership with WorkBoard, the value, and the tool are fantastic. It's very well developed, it's well built, it's super functional. It's got a great UI/UX."

Native Integrations with Existing Systems & Apps

Jira Integration
Jira Integration

Bring OKRs into line of sight in JIRA and update key results automatically from JIRA projects.

Microsoft Teams Integration
Microsoft Teams Integration

See OKRs, heatmaps and Biz Reviews right from Microsoft Teams, and bring OKR progress, risks and updates into daily chat conversations.

Azure DevOps Integration
Azure DevOps Integration

Track and update progress on team OKRs without leaving Azure DevOps.

Slack Integration
Slack Integration

Use chat to answer “how are we doing on plan?” and update key result progress right in Slack.

Keep teams moving toward results.

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