Operationalize Objectives & Key Results (OKRs).

Strategy & Results Platform for Enterprise

OKRs in WorkBoard enable leading organizations to achieve strategy faster:

  • Visually align and localize OKRs, objectively measure key results, and visualize risks across the entire organization
  • Automate business reviews and management reporting
  • Accelerate execution with productive meetings and strategic collaboration
  • Expert OKR Accelerator services help you achieve value in 28 days with a proprietary methodology
Align Objectives & Key Results

Align strategic priorities through the organization, and localize objectives and key results (OKRs) to cross-functional groups, functional teams and individuals.

Objective and Strategic Priority Alignment
Measure Results Objectively

Measure what really matters automatically! Chart, calculate and share progress on key results and success metrics on Web, mobile, Slack and Microsoft Teams. Source actuals to plan from business systems for continuous visibility

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

“WorkBoard and OKRs have significantly increased our alignment, transparency and focus on strategic priorities.”

Konstantin Goldin, Chief of Staff to VP/GM Cloud Security, Cisco

Automate Business Reviews

Run the business for results with Running Business Reviews! Rather than waiting for your QBR deck, get automated management reports that include status on OKRs and related execution. More transparency with less effort and time, so you can lead faster.

Set, update and communicate dynamic plans
Meet for Results

Use meeting time for impact! Put OKRs and deliverables on smart meeting agendas to enable fact-based decisions and remove roadblocks faster. 1on1s have OKRs on the agenda automatically to drive accountability. Create meeting agendas seamlessly in Slack, Office 365 and Google Calendar.

Team work status tracking and workflow management.
Execute for Results

Simplify the work that drives results! Align teams and projects to Key Results and get the right work done more easily. WorkBoard collaboration boards automatically connect to OKRs to close the strategy-execution gap.

Set, update and communicate dynamic plans

Update Objectives and Key Results Automatically.

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