Strategy Management Software as Agile and Data-Driven as You Want To Be

Plans, people and projects come together continuously in Workboard.

Agile comes to strategic plans.

Communicate more dynamic plans localized to teams

Reduce plan prep and review time by 70%

Use objectives and key results (OKRs) to clarify how value is created this quarter

Functional team, squad and individual OKRs drive active alignment

Workboard for setting goals and tracking objectives

Measure progress objectively & transparently.

Measure what matters more easily and mathematically; total and rollup true metrics

Running Business Reviews – RBRs – replace QBRs with continuous facts

Data, trend and narrative are in one place, graphed automatically

Publish no-prep reports via email and Slack

Running Business Reviews provide a continuous and cohesive view of business objectives, KPIs, strategic initiatives and risks

Live the plan in real time.

Connect strategic priorities and projects

Simplify collaboration and track deliverables, discussion and documents

Eliminate spreadsheet tracking with workflows in and across teams

Share status real time and eliminate status reports

Team work status tracking and workflow management.

Remove roadblocks faster, make better decisions.

Put OKRs, deliverables, wins and issues on huddle and meeting agendas

Schedule and plan meetings right from Slack

Capture decisions and takeaways once so everyone is on the same page

Update facts and status real time in meetings

Publish the minutes automatically

Efficient meetings for goal management, takeaway tracking.

Progress the plan right from Slack.

Our intelligent Slack chatbot can fetch and update your OKRs, projects, and action items.

Coordinate calendars and plan strategy meetings and 1on1s, all in chat

Get a quick report on team and individual progress towards objectives and priority projects

Send timely kudos to the team to reward great results

Enterprise Chatbot

Engage people in strategic outcomes.

Team and personal OKRs are line of sight on Web and mobile

Focus streak rewards results focus and showcases successes

Shared 1on1 journal puts OKRs on agenda automatically

Easy framework to discuss Performance, Alignment, Engagement and Competence (PACE™) more often

Team and personal OKRs are line of sight on Web and mobile

Live the plan. Evolve the plan. Repeat.

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