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Put your strategy in motion

The Workboard solution enables organizations to iterate and activate their strategic priorities in a data-driven, digital manner. It serves as an organization’s “system of results” so everyone knows the strategic priorities, how success is measured at each level, how teams contribute, and current progress and risks.

Get Continuous Visibility

Running Business Reviews provide continuous visibility on how objectives, results, execution, risks and decisions are coming together.

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Get Radical Clarity and Alignment

Objectives and strategic priorities are clear, transparent and cascaded through teams.

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Measure Results Objectively

Strategic priorities drive the metrics for success and key results at each level so desired results are clear and progress is measured objectively.

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Execute on Results-Aligned Work

Actions and execution are prioritized and aligned to achieve the results.

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Make Fast, Fact-Based Decisions

Risks are surfaced and addressed quickly in fact-based meetings. Decisions and results inform the next quarterly iteration on strategic priorities.

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Get Continuous Visibility

Use Business Reviews and dashboards for continuous visibility on objectives, metrics and results, the workstreams that drive outcomes and risks to plan. Click into the details to see plan, actual, trend, trajectory, historical data, narrative and all the insights that inform management decisions.

Set, update and communicate dynamic plans

Share real-time reports
Create and share dashboards for strategic initiatives, products, or teams in just a few clicks.

Identify risks earlier
Risks are surfaced automatically so you know where to focus.

Display data from other apps
Embed videos, images, or charts from other business applications like Periscope or Tableau.

Get Radical Clarity and Alignment

Align strategic priorities through the organization, and localize objectives and success metrics to cross-functional groups, functional teams and individuals.

Objective and Strategic Priority Alignment

Drive org alignment
Maximize transparency so everyone understands the business plan and how it relates to their own team.

Engage the team in success
Enable each team to plan and set their own targets to support the organization's strategic plan.

Visualize dependencies
Everyone understands how their performance against plan drives upline success.

Measure Results Objectively

Measure plan vs actual and see the trajectory, narrative and data points from Web, mobile or Slack. Automatically roll results upwards for instant organization-wide metrics.

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

Measure objectively
Set quantifiable key results to define success, and track progress in real time.

All your data in one place
Update metrics automatically from execution status, other metrics, or external business applications.

Update at the speed of chat
Share and update key results right from Slack or Microsoft Teams conversations.

In two weeks with Workboard’s solution, the whole company was aligned, motivated and driving measurable progress on our strategic priorities. The Workboard app is our “results network” and it’s been a transformational experience for our organization.

Erik Huddleston
CEO, Trendkite

Execute on Results-Aligned Work

Align, coordinate and get visibility on the plan of action and work needed to drive your results. Automate workflows and updates to remove friction while increasing visibility.

Set, update and communicate dynamic plans

Eliminate status reports
Get instant transparency into what the team is working on and how priority initiatives are progressing.

Manage team capacity
Use bandwidth, timeline and calendar views to optimize for results and improve capacity decisions.

Collaborate more easily
Share workflows, projects and objectives with cross-functional teams.

Make Fast, Fact-Based Decisions

Drive fact-based decisions and remove roadblocks faster. Put objectives, metrics, deliverables and projects on meeting and 1on1 agendas so everyone has the latest status.

Team work status tracking and workflow management.

Improve follow-through
Capture actionable takeaways during the meeting — everyone's list is instantly updated.

Plan meetings from chat
Coordinate calendars, schedule meetings and add agenda topics from Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Get instant feedback
Ask attendees to rate each meeting's effectiveness so your team get smarter about its time.

Results-driven companies large and small use Workboard

Own your outcomes.

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