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OKRs in WorkBoard enable leading organizations to align, measure and achieve strategic priorities faster:

  • Results Platform operationalizes OKRs at scale. Visually align your org, identify risks with OKR heatmaps, automate business reviews, and simplify the right work.
  • Expert OKR Accelerator services help you achieve value in 28 days with a proprietary methodology.
OKRs in WorkBoard

“In two weeks with WorkBoard, our company was aligned, motivated and driving measurable progress on our strategic priorities.”

Erik Huddleston, President, Cision

Leading high-growth, high scale organizations achieve more with WorkBoard

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Make Your 2019 Growth Plan

At its full potential, the Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) technique inspires and aligns every team on breakthrough growth results. While many leaders perceive the benefit of aligning with OKRs, few can successfully translate theory to practice.

This ebook instructs leaders on how to implement OKRs in your organization, and achieve higher results velocity today.


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