Objectives and Key Results

How OKRs Improve Business Performance

Today, many high velocity organizations use Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to move the organization forward fast. OKRs are a powerful method of driving real clarity, a higher sense of purpose, and aligning near-term actions to desired near-term business outcomes. While leaders want the organization to be more agile and accountable, they often lack an agile model for driving clarity, accountability and transparency — OKRs are an ideal solution.

OKRs work best when cascaded from the executive level in a series of rapid OKR development and alignment workshops. OKRs aren’t an end to themselves, they’re a tool for actively driving business results. Setting them is the beginning, not the end of the process — they’re only as good as your execution and focus.

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Objectives, Key Results, Actions and Insight

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What is the best OKR tracking tool?

With its app and OKR development services, Workboard makes it easy to define and align OKRs, then focus actions and execution on achieving the best results. Add OKRs and actions needed to achieve them on group and 1on1 meeting agendas to address risks and progress results; run the business for results with Web and mobile dashboards.

Align Goals and OKRs to Execution with Workboard

Workboard helped us translate my strategy into fully aligned OKRs across the organization in a week; we’re executing beautifully against them thanks to the Workboard app.

Vince DiMascio
CIO, BAL Global

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