Integrate with Existing Communications and Business Apps

Connect with your favorite tools to let work and information flow

Metrics and Key Results

Source KPIs from other apps

SAP, finance and HCM systems
Salesforce and CRM systems
Marketo, HubSpot and other marketing systems
ServiceNow, Zendesk and other ticketing systems
Pendo, Periscope and analytics
JIRA, Github and other engineering systems
Google Sheets and Excel

Action and Execution

Sync to execution in other task systems

Asana, Trello and task systems
JIRA, Github and other engineering systems
Excel, Google Sheets
Aha product management
Box, OneDrive, DropBox, Google

Metrics and Key Results

Connect meetings with calendar systems

Google Calendar
Office 365 and Outlook
Microsoft Teams

Data stream architecture and RESTful API

Develop your own connectors to other business applications and data sources.

Put Your Strategy in Motion.

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