Chat with Wobot, Your New Chief of Staff

We’ve combined artificial intelligence and machine learning in a chat bot so you can ask and answer “how are we doing on plan?” and more right from Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Meet WoBot

Our chatbot anticipates what you need to accomplish, what needs your attention, and covers your back on the details.

WoBot can fetch and update your objectives, key results, projects, action items and meetings, throw some kudos to your team, and tell you where your risks are — all in natural language conversations right in Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Enterprise OKR Chatbot

Coordinate calendars and plan meetings and 1on1s.

Check everyone’s calendar right from Slack or Microsoft Teams, then schedule in the open window.

Put objectives, key results and metrics, actions and topics on the agenda from Slack or Microsoft Teams.

WoBot reminds you before the meeting and shares the agenda so you go in ready, or WoBot can reschedule the meeting for you.

Coordinate calendars and plan meetings directly from Slack

Ask for status when you want it – in chat.

Ask WoBot for a quick overview of your objectives, results and KPIs – or anyone else’s. Get a quick summary, trend line graphs, the run down on risks and details when you want them.

See team metrics and results and get prompted to give positive feedback for positive results; WoBot prompts you to add at-risk metrics to 1on1s and you can ping on them right from Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Your metrics, KPIs and key results are available on demand, including trend line graphs from chat on mobile and Web. Update results and add your narrative from Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Ask for your priorities this week and get your list of results and high priority action items; advance or update them in chat. Kick items to next week or update on the spot.

Get OKR status anytime

Be a better coach.

Find out how your team members are doing by asking a simple question in chat – workload, progress on results, and priority actions on their plate are at your fingertips.

Schedule your 1on1s, add topics to the agenda ahead of the meeting and grab the agenda when you need it.

End of week, WoBot makes sure managers remember the power of gratitude and will send out team kudos.

Efficient meetings for OKR management, takeaway tracking.

Your team, smarter than ever.