Results Accelerator & OKR Coaching

Get the leadership team aligned in a day and teams across the org in 3 weeks, so you see better results this quarter.

Let our expert team guide you to rapid alignment on high-integrity OKRs and empower your teams to be strongly accountable for great results this quarter. Coaching can take place virtually, at your convenience.

Our methodology inspires and enables people to shift to an Outcome Mindset™, accelerates a high-momentum OKR program, and supplements your internal program owners as they build familiarity with the practice. Cisco, Cision, Comcast, Microsoft, Juniper, Zuora, Malwarebytes, Seismic, and dozens more organizations rely on WorkBoard to guide them to fast and lasting success.

OKRs and the Outcome Mindset Method

Everyone talks about failing a few quarters at OKRs. You don’t have to — you just need a good coach and partner. WorkBoard really helped us achieve something very transformative in a month.

Having a set of coaches from WorkBoard was important. After setting our company objectives, we took about a hundred people to an offsite. We spent half a day on our five corporate objectives and a day and a half localizing those across 13 teams.

We came out of that offsite a completely unified organization. The response has been incredibly positive.

In the month since, about 120 teams have OKRs in WorkBoard. The level of collaboration is high, which is exactly where we want it.

Jake Danforth

Tien Tzuo
Founder and CEO, Zuora

Keep WFH and distributed teams aligned on outcomes and moving toward results.

You know OKRs have the potential to accelerate results, but your org’s alignment muscle is a little weak, and not everyone knows how to quantify results — and you don’t have time to be their coach.

Friends don’t let friends do OKRs alone the first time — we’ll guide you to fast results by:

Institutionalizing the OKR methodology with coaching, launch communications, and virtual or in-person enablement sessions and assets.

Facilitating OKR setting through teams in the first quarter cycle, so teams learn by doing with the help of a coach, and you have high integrity OKRs out of the gate.

Ensuring everyone’s objectives and key results really align, including laterally across the organization; they’ll all be fully transparent in WorkBoard.

Providing executive and team coaching on accountability to maximize business results over your first quarter.

We use the WorkBoard coaching methodology and platform to drive the OKR program at Workday — they’ve been wonderful partners!

Emily Bruzzone
Office of the COO, Workday

I love working with WorkBoard's amazing team — they are just fabulous and they’ve been right by my side during our whole rollout!

Paige Fordice
Senior Program Manager, Transformation Office, Poly

Best executive offsite we've ever had.

Anna Birch
Chief of Staff to Cisco Security Business GM & SVP

Quarterly OKR cycle:

Fast results alignment and accountability with accelerated learning

Our coaching addresses each phase of the OKR cycle. Getting aligned is the first step, but accountability for outcomes and identifying improvements are where the real growth value is created.


What matters now to our customers and company?
What are best possible outcomes and how do we measure them?
Which teams do we need to align with for best results?


Are we focusing this week on results we want to achieve this quarter?
How much progress have we made and how much do we need to make?
Where are the risks to our results right now?


What did we learn about how value is created and measured?
What gets in the way?
What improvements can we make to achieve more next quarter?

Use our Results Accelerator and OKR coaching to start driving growth in your first quarter.


Our virtual and in-person OKR launch, alignment, and accountability workshops get your extended leadership teams up and running.


Our expert team provides full guidance, facilitation, and coaching over your first or multiple OKR cycles.


Our REV communications framework cultivates pull across the org with expert project leads driving fast impact to accelerate change.


Our training techniques and resources enable everyone to own their data and outcomes, with Super User courses and OKR Coach Certifications to build deeper competency.

Truly expert partners.

5,000+ OKR sessions facilitated
17 industries
23 business functions
5,000 OKR Coaches certified

Results are the one thing everyone should align on