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“The amount of effort and time saved driving results accountability with WorkBoard has been massive.”

Andrew Kisslo
Chief of Staff, Microsoft Azure Marketing
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“Having a tool that allows you to scale and operationalize the OKR framework is really important. We love WorkBoard.”

Anna Birch
Chief of Staff to Cisco Security Business GM & SVP
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“Using OKRs and WorkBoard has helped us amplify and accelerate results. I’m delighted with WorkBoard’s partnership and platform.”

Tony Werner
President, Comcast Technology Products & Experience

“We start our weekly staff meetings with WorkBoard’s biz review dashboard — it keeps us focused on exactly what we set out to do as an organization.”

Tien Tzuo
Founder and CEO, Zuora
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“WorkBoard has been an essential part of putting OKRs into practice; it makes them part of the cadence of our business.”

Greg Pryor
SVP, People & Performance Evangelist, Workday
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“We implemented OKRs on WorkBoard, and we've seen an acceleration of growth this year.”

Marcin Kleczynski
CEO and Founder, Malwarebytes
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“WorkBoard's process and platform have raised our organization's energy, urgency, learning and accountability.”

Stacie Hagan
Chief People Officer at Secureworks, a Dell company
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“Finding a system that would allow us as leaders to lead from the front, allow us to set direction, and mobilize the organization in a very fast way, was critical — WorkBoard brought this to life.”

Tina Murphy
Chief Revenue Officer at GHX
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“WorkBoard is very well-developed, it’s well-built, and it’s got a great UI/UX. And their partnership and coaching on our alignment and OKR process was invaluable.”

Greg Higham
CIO, Malwarebytes
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“It’s key that everybody knows what other leaders’ and teams’ priorities are. The visibility and transparency of OKRs and WorkBoard is crucial, so you don't have to rely on meetings and one-on-one conversations to understand what matters.”

Sarah Davis
Director of Portfolio Programs — Data and AI at IBM
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“WorkBoard's business reviews enable us to hone in on areas of risk with key results. It’s been fun to see it picked up and customized team by team and leadership team by leadership team.”

Ryan Padilla
Leader of Global Strategy at GHX
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