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At every level, we have a set of interconnected OKRs, so employees can relate their work all the way up and down the organization. And that gives purpose and drive in what the team is doing. ”

Vikas Butaney
Chief Product Officer and VP/GM, Cisco
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Kate Boatman, T-Mobile

“WorkBoard is at the heartbeat of how we deliver on our operating model.”

Kate Boatman
VP Digital Product & Commercial,
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“With everything accelerating, you must think about risk differently, and the winners and losers are going to shake out much faster.”

Steve Shafer
President, Automotive & Aerospace, 3M
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“WorkBoard has been an essential part of putting OKRs into practice; it makes them part of the cadence of our business.”

Greg Pryor
SVP, People & Performance Evangelist, Workday
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“I thought the benefits of OKRs and WorkBoard would take awhile, but it was instant. And it was contagious and transformative.”

Nanci Taylor
Vice President, Digital Strategy at IBM
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“In year one with WorkBoard, we achieved 75% execution to plan, a first for us.”

Jayen Desai
Director Strategy & Business Operations, VMware
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“The company has performed extremely well over 2020, and I attribute some of that to WorkBoard and being very purposeful about alignment.”

Michael Marcellin
Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Juniper Networks
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“What took a month now takes 30 minutes so we can truly assess alignment and drive accountability at high speed.”

Denise Kanfield
Transformation Leader and OKR Guru, Cisco
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“WorkBoard makes it easy to take strategy and put it into execution.”

Patrick Thompson
Chief Information & Digital Transformation Officer, Albemarle
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“‘Hey, let's go to WorkBoard to see what's happening’ is used multiple times a day at Haptik. It has become a core reference point.”

Aakrit Vaish
Co-Founder & CEO, Haptik
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“We are so much better aligned! Monthly business reviews went from 4 hours to 45 minutes, they’re risk-focused, and no one wastes time gathering and presenting stale data.”

Tina Murphy
President at GHX
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“We achieved our 3-year strategy in 2 years and increased revenue by 12% this year by better aligning on outcomes, increasing our focus with WorkBoard. I wish I’d started sooner.”

Sam Meckey
EVP - Head of Healthcare, EXL
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“Our company is very results-oriented and outcome-oriented, and that's why we use WorkBoard and OKRs.”

Marcio Souza
President and CEO, Praxis Precision Medicines

“The ultimate measure is our financial performance, and we are doing very, very well when peers are struggling. I believe it’s because we made the investment upfront in WorkBoard.”

Woody Talcove
Chief Executive Officer, Government, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, and CEO of LexisNexis Special Services Inc.
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“We start our weekly staff meetings with WorkBoard’s biz review dashboard — it keeps us focused on exactly what we set out to do as an organization.”

Tien Tzuo
Founder and CEO, Zuora
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“We implemented OKRs on WorkBoard, and we've seen an acceleration of growth this year.”

Marcin Kleczynski
CEO and Founder, Malwarebytes
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“Our work with WorkBoard's team and platform has been truly transformative. What we've done together the past 2 years is helping us drive very healthy growth.”

Jeff Samuels
COO, Iterable
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“If you can find the things that people want to do in your organization and align them to your business needs, you create a lot of power.”

Derek Samford
Senior Director of Product Security, Avalara

“WorkBoard facilitated our ability to focus and work more asynchronously.”

Brian Manougian
Director, HR Strategy & Planning, Zendesk

“I'm glad we ripped the Band-Aid off and just went with company-wide roll out of WorkBoard and OKRs.”

Daisy Hernandez
SVP, Strategy & Operations, Zuora
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“WorkBoard is very well-developed, it's well-built, and it's got a great UI/UX. And having their coaching was so valuable.”

Greg Higham
Chief Information Officer, Malwarebytes
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“As I took the helm at Aprimo, I immediately brought in WorkBoard to help drive clarity, focus, and transparency on results. I’ve used WorkBoard at two prior companies and I can't imagine running a growth business without it.”

Erik Huddleston
CEO, Aprimo
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