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OKR Coach Certification in the Outcome Mindset Method™

OKR Coach Certification

Certified OKR Coaches help their organization quickly realize the benefits of OKRs: Sharp focus, fast growth and high alignment. Our coach certification program helps people develop expertise in aligning and measuring outcomes and facilitating team OKR setting. The professional development program is ideal for people who have an active role in their organization's adoption of OKRs, will take point for their team or group's OKR practice, and seek to be experts that enable others to adopt or improve OKRs.

This program prepares coaches with expertise to:

  • Set high integrity objectives and key results
  • Drive strong alignment functionally and cross functionally
  • Achieve better results in their first quarter
  • Facilitate OKR setting for teams at different levels of the organization
OKR Coach Certification

Coach Curriculum & Certification

Help your organization achieve its growth agenda while increasing your personal impact and advancing your career. The professional education program and certification includes role playing practice and offline exercises that encompass:

What are OKRS

Anatomy of objectives and key results

Set and align OKRs

Facilitating OKR setting for the leadership team

Measure OKR progress

Guiding teams to measuring results vs activity

OKR Education

Enabling young managers to lead strong conversations and set good OKRs

OKR best practices

Facilitation best practices

OKR program rollout

Supporting an OKR program roll out

Align Enterprise OKRs

Aligning OKRs throughout the organization

Key Result Mastery

Metrics and key result mastery

Defining and aligning objectives and key results is a new skill, new dialogue and new practice for many teams; often even teams that have already done OKRs find their key results are more task than result and they are far from aligned. This is where OKR coaches come in!

Who should attend?

Coach certification is geared towards individuals who will help their organizations adopt an OKR practice and who want to take an active role in improving alignment, value measurement, and results velocity. Great coaches are great teachers and guides and true change agents who embrace new ways of working and bring others along. Chiefs of staff, agile coaches, group leaders, and individual contributors can make great coaches — enabling teams everywhere in their organizations to connect to and amplify the value of their work.

Attributes of a Great Coach

  • Strategy, consulting, or program management experience
  • Thrives when working cross-functionally in the organization
  • Experience facilitating workshops and fact finding sessions
  • Understands the nuance between guiding and telling
  • Embraces change and can bring others along in the journey
Certified OKR Coaches Certified OKR Coaches

Join over 8,000 certified OKR coaches helping companies achieve their best results!

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$599 for 2-day online course
Class size limit: 22

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