OKR Coach Certification Program

OKR Coaches help organizations achieve success with the technique faster and more pervasively. Enable your colleagues or customers to:

  • Set high integrity objectives and key results
  • Gain true alignment and tie off
  • Shift from an activity habit to a results habit
  • Achieve better results in their first quarter

Coach Curriculum & Certification

Build your OKR expertise and coaching skills with this coaching program and use your certification to advance your career. The training program and certification includes classroom sessions, role playing practice, offline exercises and a final exam that encompasses:

Set and align goals

Anatomy of objectives and key results

Set and align goals

Facilitating OKR setting for the leadership team

Set and align goals

Guiding teams to measuring results vs activity

Set and align goals

Enabling young managers to lead strong conversations and set good OKRs

Set and align goals

Facilitation best practices

Set and align goals

Managing an OKR program roll out

Set and align goals

Aligning OKRs throughout the organization

Set and align goals

Metrics and key result mastery

Defining and aligning objectives and key results is a new skill, new dialogue and new practice for many teams; often even teams that have already done OKRs find their key results are more task than result and they are far from aligned. This is where OKR coaches come in!

“The depth, breadth and materials of this training program were excellent preparation for leading internal OKR initiatives and expanded upon my management consulting experience nicely.”

Carolin Obernolte, Management Consultant, Deutsche Telekom Detecon Group

Course Schedule

Next session: February 13-14, 2019
$1999 for Enterprise Participants (inquire for individual rate)
Redwood City, CA
Class size limit: 12

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Program Leadership

Sameera Moinpour, Director of Client Services, WorkBoard

  • Facilitated over 900 team OKR sessions
  • Certified over 60 OKR coaches in 2018

"It is a joy to work with Sameera. I'm impressed with how well she understands our business and how smooth our OKR process is."
—Chris Copeland, CTO at TrendKite

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