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Consolidate Results

Source metrics and key results for WorkBoard goals from your existing business applications.

Promote Accountability

Develop custom views of your team's goal progress for greater transparency across the organization.

Manage User Accounts

Integrate with HRIS systems to create or delete user accounts as employees join or leave your company.

Business Integration Flow

Move data into and out of WorkBoard in several ways. We have a set of integrations built into the app itself — native integrations with apps like Slack, Outlook and Google calendar that users can integrate in just a few seconds on their profile page, as well as connectors to Salesforce, Asana and Jira to allow users to set them as metric sources when creating goals. We also provide pre-built connectors for real time integration with Excel, Google spreadsheets and .csv files — these take just a few minutes to connect and any user can do it. Developers can use our RESTful API to quickly write connectors to other data sources and your specific data set in an hour or two.

Frequently Asked Questions

How hard is it to write a connector for our business systems?

It is easy and we’ve followed the RESTful API architecture, a standard most developers and IT teams are very familiar with using. In our API documentation, you'll find scripts, snippets and examples to walk authors through creation and testing connectors.

What systems can integrate with WorkBoard?

Besides native integrations with Slack, Outlook, Google calendar, JIRA, Asana, Salesforce and more, developers can use our API to integrate business systems such as ServiceNow, Zendesk, Marketo, SAP, and many more. Get specifics and use cases.


Read the developer's guide for an overview of the WorkBoard API.

API Reference

See the available resources and methods for interacting with your WorkBoard data.

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