WorkBoard Strategy & Results Platform: for Microsoft Teams

Bring strategic priorities into conversations and line of sight every day:

  • Share, chat, and meet on strategic objectives and key results (OKRs) in Teams with WorkBoard.
  • Bring WorkBoard Business Reviews and data about strategic priorities, results, and roadblocks into daily conversations in chat, voice, and video.

Leading high-growth, high scale organizations achieve more with WorkBoard

Deutsche Telekom

WorkBoard and Microsoft Teams integration gives enterprises like ours all the benefits of very cool tools with the controls in information security we need.”

—Philipp Schett, Managing Consultant, Deutsche Telekom Detecon Group

Ensure Everyone Understands the Strategic Priorities

Make strategic priorities clear and accessible to everyone, so their efforts and decisions are high impact. Using chat in Microsoft Teams, people can see and engage on their team’s objectives, success metrics and results-aligned work.

Reduce Meeting Time 40% While Increasing Transparency

Get the data you need on strategy and its execution without calling a meeting. Improve meetings for decisions and addressing roadblocks with Smart Agendas that have strategy, KPIs and project data on the agenda without the paper chase.

Align on Business Outcomes and Results

With WorkBoard and Teams, it’s easy to see how each team contributes to the strategic priorities and results of the organization. Get plan vs actual results and update KPIs with the simplicity of chat.

Improve Business Results By 15% Every Quarter

When strategic priorities, the metrics for success and the work needed to achieve them are transparent, line of sight and inform every day conversations, organizations achieve as much as 15% more each quarter. Compounded over the year, this is lasting competitive advantage.

Facts about progress to plan are literally a chat away!

  • Use WoBot, an intelligent chatbot, to get and update business objectives, results and KPIs in real time.
  • Drop relevant objectives and key results (OKRs) and their KPIs on progress to plan into chats with colleagues
  • Access WorkBoard’s Running Business Reviews™, business objectives and key results, and project Kanban boards right from Teams.