WoBo Analytics

Understand strategy execution drivers and gaps with insights for P&L leaders and OKR program owners

View progress across the org

Access real-time OKR progress and identify risks across all teams and people in the organization.  WorkBoard's Heatmap View provides instant health-checks across the org.

  • Empower leaders to assess all teams' progress from a single view
  • Drill down into risks to efficiently take action and alleviate obstacles

Measure pace of performance

Get immediate visibility on high and low performing teams, compare team to team, and measure the pace of performance vs prior quarter.

  • Nudge team leaders directly from analytics views to prompt action or clarification
  • Learn from high-performing teams, while mitigating potential roadblocks

Access OKR program analytics 

Improve alignment and performance with team and manager-level data on KRs, progress, alignment, and other attributes with customized analytics views.

  • Build personalized views by function, working groups, or individual contributors
  • Measure internal OKR adoption and cross-funtional alignment

WorkBoard's Strategy Execution Platform

Organization-wide clarity, alignment, and insights for growth


“When you have a platform like WorkBoard, hope is not a strategy. You have data and it tells you whether you need to do more and whether you are making progress.”

—Denise Kanfield, Transformation Leader and OKR Guru, Cisco

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