Get aligned faster and execute better.

WorkBoard embedded GenAI across its platform to elevate people and performance.

  • Lower the OKR learning curve
  • Deliver insights to accelerate decisions
  • Simplify cross-functional collaboration
  • Eliminate tedious work like status reporting
Objectives & Key ResultsDigipayQ4 FY23PublishObjectiveKey ResultWrite a best possible, measurable outcomeDRAFTAdd Key ResultObjectiveWrite your team’s aspirational intent, or use AI to get inspired!Key ResultCo-AuthorCo-AuthorWrite your team’s aspirational intent, or use AI to get inspired!Co-AuthorIt looks like you want to draft an Objective! Let’s do it! Can you tell me what your team is trying to achieve? Consider including: What is your team's statement of intent? Why does your team's work matter? What would be a compass towards your team's North Star?I’m not sure yet, give me some ideas!Draft an ObjectiveObjective: Craft a user journey that establishes Digipay as the go-to digital payment platform.Use thisRetryCopyMake it more inspiringMake it shorterAdd more detailTell Co-Author what to do next, or choose from quick actions above...Make it more inspiring

Set better OKRs faster

Co-author helps teams have faster more fruitful OKR conversations, with less spin outs on syntax and word choices:

  • Suggest Objectives and Key Results based on your OKRs and strategy
  • Give teams OKRs to react to as a jump start in the discussion
  • Iterate on Key Results so they’re better measures
  • Transform tasks to outcomes, and lagging to leading measures instantly
  • Translate and generate OKRs in the team’s language on the fly
  • Get the benefits of ChatGPT to quickly author OKRs without leaking data!

Collaborate on dependencies more easily

Simplify and improve cross functional alignment and coordination with embedded AI.

  • See potential relationships between key results, workstreams, and actions owned by disparate teams
  • Get prompts on where blockers may exist
  • Capture lateral results alignment and blockers easily from our machine-learning suggestions
  • Get visibility on the progress of related work including where dependency risk are

Distill and publish progress summaries instantly

Let WorkBoard’s AI distill information and deliver it fast and efficiently.

  • Use Co-Author to instantly create progress summaries for scorecards and biz reviews (MBRs) in WorkBoard
  • Choose the voice and tone that serve your audience
  • Publish summaries on team pages, biz reviews (MBRs), scorecards and into Microsoft Team channels instantly or to PowerPoint and Excel

Learn more from team retros

Distill learnings so they’re truly learned and leveraged! WorkBoard Gen AI boosts team retros by automatically:

  • Clustering ideas and sticky notes into themes
  • Bringing past themes into future retros and OKR conversations
  • Summarizing themes across the org and bring common challenges, wins, and heroes to leaders’ attention

Reduce the barriers to great strategy execution

Trustworthy AI

As artificial intelligence continues to advance, WorkBoard remains dedicated to upholding ethical principles in our AI and machine learnings technologies. Our commitment to building trustworthy AI is driven by our core values, customer trust, and a focus on ethics.

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PRESS RELEASE: WorkBoard Selected by Workday as an Inaugural Partner for Launch of its Trustworthy AI Marketplace

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