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The Results Foundry provides community, courses, content, and certifications for results management leaders, OKR advocates and business leaders.

What are OKRS

Executive & Expert Courses
Achieve your best results with our OKR Coach certification program, Results Management Leader certification, and executive seminars led by true experts.

Set and align OKRs

Vibrant Community
Join 5,000 experts and advocates in bi-annual Summit, Slack community, and meet ups with asset and insight sharing.

Measure OKR progress

Library & Learning
Everything you need to start your journey and expand business results over time, including a monthly newsletter and OKR Journey Center.

The Outcome Mindset Method

All OKRs aren't created equal. OKR is a syntax, and there are several practice variants. The Outcome Mindset Method™ is a team-centric approach that unlocks ambition and fosters inherent ownership and accountability.

The hallmarks of this OKR method are:

  • Mobilize and motivate the organization to its best possible results
  • Empower lateral and cross-functional alignment as well as vertical
  • Rapid iteration cycle with a focus on learning in each cycle
  • Fuel for teams — the engine of value creation
  • Global-local coherence that captures both strategic direction and local expertise and innovation
  • Linking OKRs and operating rhythm to raise the pace of focus and results
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“The journey with WorkBoard from output to outcome has given leadership and employees a common language — it strengthened muscles that allowed us to think clearly about what outcomes we were looking for, and how to debate and measure them.”
— Tina Murphy, President at GHX
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Courses & Certifications

We offer courses for all OKR practitioners — from results management executives and coaches to team leaders and members who want to increase their impact on the organization's strategy.

OKRs & the Outcome Mindset Method

Learn new ways to mobilize your organization to act with bold ambitions, clarity of purpose and speed.

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: Free

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OKRs - Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Learn why you need OKRs and how to communicate the value to colleagues and executives. Hosted by OKR Expert and author Jeff Gothelf.

Duration: 75 minutes
Cost: $249

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OKR Coach Certification

Help your organization adopt an OKR practice and take an active role in improving alignment, value measurement, and results velocity.

Duration: 2 half days
Cost: $599

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Results Management Leader Certification

Develop domain expertise and leadership skills to establish your organization's Results Management function.

Duration: 7 months
Cost: $7500

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Whether you're an expert or novice in OKRs, if you're passionate about results alignment and acceleration you'll want to learn and contribute to this community! Over 5,000 company leaders and certified OKR coaches actively share their expertise, their resources and their learnings in regular events, an active Slack community, OKR Journey Center, and monthly newsletter.

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