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We started WorkBoard in 2014 because we realized that the single-most important process in any company was how it defines, aligns and drives its strategy forward – and yet it is the least automated, transparent and data driven. Even the help desk ticket process is more reliable and digital! Every company has strategic priorities and urgency to achieve them and every employee should have line of sight to how they move the needle; it’s inevitable that every company will automate its process for results alignment and accountability.

In today’s evolving business climate, we are realizing that inevitability now more than ever: We’ve tripled recurring revenues each of the last two years and have already started 2020 with record growth. WorkBoard is rewarding because it’s central to customers’ commercial results and users’ professional results; it’s thrilling because we can reach every company and every employee – reach enjoyed only by Microsoft, Slack and Zoom.

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What we do

CEOs everywhere are digital leaders now, whether they are ready or not. What was once run and grow the business is now run and respond. In a world where we must all be ready to work-from-home and lead-from-home, WorkBoard’s Enterprise Results Platform enables high-growth, and high- scale companies to align on outcomes, measure results, coordinate actions, and better manage meetings.

Value Prop
Systematic, data-driven platform to rapidly align and achieve strategic priorities.

Positioning Statement
For business leaders who have strategic priorities and an urgency to achieve them, WorkBoard’s Enterprise Strategy & Results Management solution provides an efficient, data- driven platform to align on objectives and accelerate business outcomes.

As business complexity and the rate of change increased, old methods of establishing and aligning strategic priorities became too slow, rigid and opaque.

Only WorkBoard provides an easy, elegant solution to localize company objectives to teams, measure key results and align execution across the business to increase growth and results velocity.

Results Accelerator Services
Most enterprises want to be more data driven and more results aligned. OKRs are a key to this transformation, but few organizations know how to make the move. Our services team helps customers adopt the new process and our platform quickly to get value in a month and impact in a quarter. Learn more

OKR Coach Certification
We help customers build their own expertise with our OKR certification program. This intensive program builds internal coaches who to help organizations achieve success with the technique faster and more pervasively. Learn more

Learn more about OKRs

Who we work with

Our customers
Both high-growth and high-scale companies across all industries use WorkBoard, including organizations like Comcast, Microsoft, Cisco, Workday, Zuora, Seismic, IBM, Reliance Industries, Transamerica, Samsung, Cision, Malwarebytes, McKesson, and others. Learn more

Our buyer
Our typical buyers are CEOs and other P&L owners who are responsible for driving fast growth and ensuring continuity across their organizations.

Our investors
WorkBoard is funded by a16z, GGV Capital, M12 (formerly Microsoft Ventures), Workday Ventures, Floodgate, Opus Capital, and Shea Ventures.

WorkBoard customers

Our Values

Compassion, credibility, and commitment are the center of gravity in our customer relationships. We know running a business is hard and often lonely. We believe that everyone comes to work to do their best – a person’s success is deeply personal and sometimes primal. We’re here to help our customers achieve their best results. These intentions drive our company values and how we roll:

humble experts
hungry for the opportunity
intellectually honest
operating as one happy team.

Our team wins together

Quarterly all-hands events
At our quarterly event, we review the company’s strategic objectives, and each team shares the outcomes they are working towards. In addition to planning and winning together, we play together.

People Team
Our cross-functional People Team gives employees the opportunity to shape the culture, choose the teaming agenda and lead from wherever you are.

WorkBoard teams

We practice what we preach

We embrace transparency
We use WorkBoard’s Enterprise Strategy & Results Management platform every day, so our company strategic priorities and current results are always in view and clear to everyone in the organization.

We are remarkably focused and aligned
Each team localizes the company’s priorities into their own objectives and key results, so everyone understands how their work contributes towards great outcomes.

WorkBoard teams

Perks at Work

  • An inspired, top-notch team with a truly collaborative culture
  • An equity piece of the great company we’re building
  • Flexible schedule and location
  • Discretionary time off
  • Sick days in alignment with local laws
  • Paid holidays off
  • Health benefits for employees & dependents - medical, dental, vision
  • Flexible spending & health savings accounts available
  • 401k options with employer matching
  • Expanded employee assistance program
  • Weekly fresh flower delivery for your workspace
  • Of course we use WorkBoard at work for high transparency, high velocity!

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