Denver Regional Event

The Future of Strategy Execution: Getting Results in 2023

Download the sparks from the May 2023 in-person conversation led by guest speakers from Modivcare and Trimble on how they are driving alignment, accountability and focus to improve strategy execution and achieve great outcomes this year:

  • Using OKRs to Quickly Improve Strategy Execution— Matt Snyder, SVP, Strategic Execution and Luke McCollum, Director Talent Management from Modivcare
  • Activating OKRs to Guide Team & Business Decisions— Duncan Hawksbee, Director of Strategic Execution at Trimble
  • The State of the Art on Strategy Execution & OKRs — Deidre Paknad, CEO and Co-Founder of WorkBoard, shares the highest impact practices and learnings for using OKRs for strategy execution, adopting a more agile operating model, and driving a focus on outcomes deeper into the organization from leading enterprises like AstraZeneca, Ford, Humana, Carmax, 3M, HP Enterprise, and more.

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Matt Snyder

Matt Snyder
SVP, Strategic Execution

Matt Snyder owns the implementation of operational excellence and delivery of strategy across the Modivcare team. He has over 25 years of supply chain management leadership experience, including leading successful enterprise transformation in the logistics, manufacturing, and technology industries. Most recently, Matt served as Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer for Radial, the leading ecommerce 3rd party logistics provider in the US. He has previously held leadership roles in operations, engineering, continuous improvement, account management and project management for Radial, Ingersoll Rand, and Dell. Matt holds a BS in industrial engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

Duncan Hawksbee

Duncan Hawksbee
Director of Strategic Execution
Trimble Transportation

Duncan Hawksbee is the Director of Strategic Execution at Trimble with overall responsibility for the company’s OKR Program and execution responsibility for OKRs in the Transportation Sector. He has been a practicing OKR Coach and Results Management Leader for almost 3 years. Prior to getting involved with the OKR methodology, Duncan was part of a corporate process improvement team with a focus on Lean methods and Team Effectiveness. Duncan is an experienced and long serving employee, now in his 28th year at Trimble and is based in Colorado.

Luke McCollum

Luke McCollum
Director Talent Management

Luke McCollum has a deep background in HR and Organizational Development including talent assessment, engagement, performance management, succession planning, strategy execution, and talent development.  He is the founder and former CEO of a non-profit youth performing arts organization, and father to a rambunctious 7-year old.