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As more organizations around the world adopt OKRs and a digital operating rhythm to execute their strategies faster, many hire certified Results Management Leaders and senior certified OKR Coaches to lead their new programs. We’re delighted to have so many of our grads and WorkBoard program leaders build their skills and bring those skills to new organizations!

Find open opportunities here or post an opening for OKR and strategy execution experts at the Results Foundry.

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Product Strategy & Operations Lead

Sr. Strategy & Operations Manager

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Recent Network Moves

Kathleen Lincoln

Kathleen Lincoln
Viasat to Intel
OKR Coach certified: November 2020

Mary Brett

Mary Brett
VMware to Intel
OKR Coach certified: May 2020

Denise Kanfield

Denise Kanfield
Thomson Reuters to Cisco
OKR Coach certified: June 2020
RME certified: September 2021

Amy Hansen

Amy Hansen
Cisco to DataRobot
OKR Coach certified: April 2021
RME certified: November 2021

Whether you're an expert or novice in OKRs, if you're passionate about results alignment and acceleration you'll want to learn and contribute to this community! Over 5,000 company leaders and certified OKR coaches actively share their expertise, their resources and their learnings in regular events, an active Slack community, OKR Journey Center, and monthly newsletter.

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