Expert Services & Training

WorkBoard’s expert services team has been applying and adapting the OKR technique and active system- driven strategy execution management in enterprises since 2016 – we have one-of-a-kind depth and breadth of experience.

For customers, this means you can rely on our advice, learn with fewer stumbles, and get to value velocity far faster.

  • Framework for implementation and fast path to value
  • Proven at scale at the largest and most complex enterprises
  • Dedicated team of experts with experience leading large scale programs

“I love working with WorkBoard’s amazing team — they are just fabulous, and they’ve been right by my side during our whole rollout!”

Paige Fordice
Sr Program Manager in Transformation Office, Poly

Outcome Mindset Methodology™

WorkBoard’s Outcome Mindset Methodology was designed in 2017 for enterprises that needed both higher alignment and wanted to revitalize their culture and unlock ambition and innovation deeper in the org. Not all OKR methods are equal, and only Google has its culture – the Outcome Mindset Methodology helps hasten the evolution from an organization’s legacy to its future.

This OKR approach:

  • Unlocks ambition
  • Fosters inherent ownership
  • Elevates thinking and innovation
  • Mobilizes teams to achieve their best possible

Today, Outcome Mindset Methodology is the most successful and widely adopted OKR approach in large enterprises like Microsoft, Walmart, Ford, VMWare, Cisco, IBM, 3M, T-Mobile, Dominos, Humana, and more.


“The journey with WorkBoard from output to outcome has given leadership and employees a common language — it strengthened muscles that allowed us to think clearly about what outcomes we were looking for, and how to debate and measure them.”

Tina Murphy
President, GHX

“WorkBoard has been an essential part of putting OKRs into practice; it makes them part of the cadence of our business.”

Greg Pryor
SVP, People & Performance Evangelist, Workday

Content, Community & Courses for Domain Expertise

WorkBoard established OKR Coaching in 2016 and its Coach Certification program in 2017, with over 10,000 corporate graduates. With the Results Foundry launch in 2019, it expanded the content, community and courses open to strategy operations executives, OKR enthusiasts, product and technical teams, and other stakeholders seeking to build their strategy execution skills.

OKR Courses & Certifications

Help your organization achieve success by setting and achieving OKRs faster.

Strategy Ops & Results Management Program

Lead your organization's alignment, accountability, and OKR operating cycle.

& Events

Learn from and with peers from some of the world's largest companies.

Application Training

We provide a number of on-ramps for users to get familiar with WoBo applications, make the most of their capabilities, and even become the resident expert for their team.

In-App Onboarding

Learn as you go with in-app guided tours.

Instructor-Led Courses

Enroll in live, virtual public classes or schedule dedicated sessions for your organization.

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Self-Paced Training

Grow your skills with on-demand, self-paced learning modules.

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