Executive Leadership Events

WorkBoard executives and experts regularly facilitate executive off-sites, Top100 or Top1% leadership meetings, and CEO or CxO staff conversations to motivate and mobilize leaders on the strategy, elevate their alignment and accountability competencies, and set the stage for an Outcome Mindset culture.

Energize and empower your leadership teams to excel at strategy execution!

Modivcare Top Leaders Offsite

Over 3 days at their retreat in Florida, we helped Modivcare leaders learn, align and mobilize on the strategy. The event included main stage sessions with Modivcare executives and WorkBoard CEO Deidre Paknad and functional break outs to align objectives and key results with WorkBoard coaches.  Everyone left with strong connection to the strategy and clarity on how they would drive its achievement forward.

93%+ left the session feeling aligned to the strategy. 84%+ left the session feeling they knew how to work with their respective teams to deploy the strategy."

"Our CEO sees WorkBoard as a necessary tool to drive empowerment through the organization. We are consciously deploying it at all levels as quickly as we can and we're starting with all levels of leadership over the next four months."

Western Union Strategy Kick Off

Top leaders from around the world gathered in Florida for the launch of Western Union’s bold strategy.  WorkBoard CEO Deidre Paknad presented the role OKRs play in aligning and mobilizing the organization on the new strategy and how the WorkBoard platform enables them to execute it more predictably.

State Street Top 1% Leaders Event

When State Street brought 450 global leaders together in 2023 to launch its strategy, WorkBoard CEO Deidre Paknad led a session on outcome mindset, the power of OKRs to drive focus and results, and ways leaders can tap inherent motivation of their teams.

3-day Annual Kick-Off

To galvanize the VP+ community on their strategy and re-ignite growth, WorkBoard facilitated a 3-day annual kick off in Las Vegas.  With Juniper CEO and the leadership development team, we led a series of working on sessions that helped VPs understand their role in company outcomes, develop an appreciation and felt need for alignment, and identify what great accountability requires from them. Everyone left the offsite clear on the company’s objectives and key results and enabled to align their own.

Cisco Security Business Group Offsite

At a pivotal point in their evolution, Cisco Security Business leader and SVP Gee Rittenhouse and his chief of staff engaged WorkBoard to facilitate a 2 day offsite to drive clarity and alignment across their large, matrixed team.

Chief of Staff Summit VMware

To enable and empower leaders across VMware to maximize strategy execution, cross-functional alignment and transparency, WorkBoard organized a multi-day summit for the organization's chiefs of staff.

“The best offsite ever, hands down.”

Gee Rittenhouse
Former SVP and GM, Cisco's Security Business Group (SBG)

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