Results Management Leader Certification

All sessions will be virtual. We will provide login instructions after registration.

Winter 2024 Cohort Course Dates

Month 1
February 20, 9am-1pm Pacific
February 22, 9am-1pm Pacific

Month 2
March 12, 9am-12pm Pacific
March 14, 9am-12pm Pacific

Month 3
April 9, 11am-12pm Pacific (Networking Event)

Month 4
May 14, 9am-12pm Pacific
May 16, 9am-12pm Pacific

Month 5
June 18, 9am-12pm Pacific
June 20, 9am-12pm Pacific

Month 6
July 16, 9am-12pm Pacific
July 18, 9am-12pm Pacific

Month 7
August 13, 11:30am-12pm Pacific (Graduation)

Please contact us if you have questions, or if you need to request an accommodation — we strive to host inclusive, accessible events that enable all individuals to engage and participate fully.

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