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Technical Team Skill Builder:

Maximizing Product Value & Outcomes

This half-day program helps engineering and product teams define, articulate, and drive the highest value outcomes for customers.

OKRs and Outcome Mindset Method

Course Curriculum

Outcome Mindset: Why starting with value definition is key to delivering value

With infinite ideas and input, prioritizing is always a challenge for product and engineering teams. How do you ensure the team invests its tine in building what all stakeholders believe is truly a valuable product, and how do you do that in a faster-changing world? Adding product strategy to drive roadmaps and setting objectives and key results to drive priorities enables teams to invest their efforts in the most valuable work — with the confidence that all stakeholders have the same understanding of that value.

Tech Tour: How VMware, DataRobot, Cisco, Google and WorkBoard use OKRs to accelerate value to customers

We'll share how product teams from 5 different tech companies organize on outcomes, measure to learn, and have confidence they're driving value. Their lessons learned may sound familiar and can save you time!

Using the OKR Syntax: How to define the value you want to create

Learn how to clarify objectives for your product as a team, measure outcomes, and use headlights and taillights to maximize what the team achieves. Explore how a good OKR informs backlog choices and where the two intersect.

Breakouts & Experiments

In small groups, develop an objective and key results for a sample product. Practice thinking about outcomes from your output and the difference between the two. Develop outcomes and takeaways you can use immediately in your own organization to describe and build product value.

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