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Outcome Mindset Method™

Today, the Outcome Mindset Method is the most successful and widely adopted OKR approach in large enterprise and growth tech companies like Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, 3M, Zendesk, Juniper, Zuora, LexisNexis, Malwarebytes, and more. It’s a modern approach that unlocks ambition, fosters inherent ownership, elevates thinking and innovation, and mobilizes organizations to achieve their best possible results.

We’ve designed the method on a few core principles, but perhaps the most important are:

  1. Bold vision is achieved by inspired, ambitious thinking, high urgency, and sharp focus on what matters most.
  2. Teams are the engine of value creation
  3. Clarity is a pre-requisite to accountability
  4. Inspiration and motivation are required for innovation and speed
  5. Lateral alignment is a growth superpower
  6. An organization’s velocity, culture and results are inextricably connected

“What WorkBoard is really allowing us to do is to develop better managers and better leaders.”

Outcome Mindset in Practice

OKRs have the power to drive sharp focus, fast growth, and high alignment for organizations of any scale. Yet, most organizations don’t have well developed alignment and measurement muscles; even leadership teams are less aligned than they think and struggle to set good key results the first time around. The Outcome Mindset Method enables a new set of conversations on value creation and the shift from an activity orientation to outcomes.

Our method is a prescriptive, proven approach to:

  • Adopting the OKR cycle with integrity and speed
  • Mobilizing the organization and motivating better outcomes
  • Embedding OKRs into the operating rhythm of the organization
  • Accelerating the scope and pace of results
  • Institutionalizing a common results language
Outcome Mindset Method

Your management practices are the culture

WorkBoard’s approach is at the junction of the future of work and the future of leadership — providing the mechanism for clarity and alignment and guiding the culture shift that unlocks ambition, energy, and innovation.

Shift from enervating output myopia to energizing outcome mindset

The Outcome Mindset Method takes its name from enabling people to define, align and measure their best possible outcomes — not their output or activity — and empowering the mindset shift to more purposeful, value-centered work and teaming. Focus is how great results are achieved.

“When you develop an outcome mindset, your objectives are aspirational and define the team’s purpose.”

Results Alignment and Acceleration Cycle

Outcome Mindset Method

What matters now to our customers and company?
What are best possible outcomes and how do we measure them?
Which teams do we need to align with for best results?

Are we focusing this week on results we want to achieve this quarter?
How much progress have we made and how much do we need to make?
Where are the risks to our results right now?

What did we learn about how value is created and measured?
What gets in the way?
What improvements can we make to achieve more next quarter?

First time right, faster value

An OKR process that documents results teams ignore week to week is a tremendous — but bankrupt — effort. Trial and error wastes time and exhausts the pull and good will employees initially have. You can accelerate your success with OKRs – and the business outcomes they drive — by 3 quarters with OKR coaching through your initial cycle and by building an internal network of certified OKR coaches using our coach certification program.

WorkBoard’s expert advisors and OKR coaches combined with its unique methodology have accelerated and amplified results for hundreds of organizations. Our experts have coached over 10,000 teams and hundreds of CEO teams in OKRs that mobilize organizations to their best outcomes and foster a culture of ambition. As you choose your methodology and your partner, they should align with your aspirations for results, culture, and velocity.

“WorkBoard has been an essential part of putting OKRs into practice; it makes them part of the cadence of our business. The shift from output to outcomes was a muscle that was important and exciting for us to build.”

Outcome Mindset Seminar — Hear How it Works!

In this short executive seminar, WorkBoard CEO and cofounder Deidre Paknad explains the difference between output and outcome, why an outcome mindset is so powerful and how to measure results effectively.

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