WorkBoard Enterprise Results Platform: for Webex Messaging & Meetings

OKRs in Webex

Bring strategy execution into weekly focus in Webex

Engage in Meetings that Matter
Incorporate objectives and progress towards them in your weekly digital operating rhythm with WorkBoard meeting agendas, now directly accessible via Webex Meetings. Capture decisions and next steps right in the meeting agenda so everyone walks away from meetings with the same understanding.

Results focus and OKRs in Webex Meetings

Align on business outcomes and results in Webex Messaging
Easily access your team and organization’s strategic priorities in Messaging, where collaboration and conversation take place. Everyone can see the goals and progress the team is driving, so time and effort is spent on what matters.

OKRs and Business Reviews in Webex Meetings

Calibrate priorities on Monday, celebrate on Friday
“Calibrate” on priorities for the week with an automated message Monday morning in Webex Messaging, nudging your team where it’s needed. Use Friday's “celebrate” notification as a reminder to recognize and motivate the team.

Calibrate and Celebrate in Webex
Let's Talk Results

“Having a system that allows you to scale and operationalize the OKR framework is really important — we love WorkBoard!”

Easily embed OKRs into your digital operating rhythm.