Align Execution to Strategic Goals

  • Work within and across the organization dynamically
  • See work, assignments, progress and kudos on Web and mobile
  • Make meetings efficient and automate follow through
  • Automate status reporting to accelerate facts and save time
Align Goals and OKRs to Execution with Workboard

“Workboard increases productivity and alignment, and promotes better communication in the workplace.

Kana U. Udomon, Worldwide Agricultural Equipment Division, John Deere

Focus on Goal-Aligned, High-Impact Work

  • Connect projects to goals and OKRs so everyone sees the value they contribute
  • Set deliverable priorities and shift quickly as facts change
  • Manage and easily share work in flight across teams and initiatives
  • Adjust your view of execution based on your role in the organization
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing project and task tools
Align Work and Priorities to Goals

Accelerate Decisions and Optimize Meetings

  • Make faster decisions based on current execution facts and KPIs
  • Put goals, KPIs and deliverables on smart agendas to reduce both prep and meeting time
  • Accelerate response to risks and issues with heatmaps and risk dashboards
Make Meetings More Efficient

Automate Status Reporting While Increasing Transparency

  • See real time status on key initiatives and execution from Web and mobile to manage with agility
  • Automate employee status reports and weekly project reports to get facts with less effort
  • Get an automatic summary of new red flags, date pushbacks and late items so there are fewer surprises
Automate status reporting with Workboard
Jeff Sorenson, President and CEO, TeraRecon

“Goals are only as good as your execution, and Workboard makes it very easy for us to achieve results.”

Jeff Sorenson
President and CEO, TeraRecon

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An Execution Framework for Achieving Ambitious Goals

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