Introducing WorkBoard Co-Author

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Collapse the time to align on outcomes across the org by 75%

Authoring and aligning OKRs across a complex organization can take many weeks, while misalignment wastes months. The new WorkBoard Co-Author collapses the time to align outcomes to minutes and days by generating draft OKRs based on the company's long-range strategies, previous OKR data, upline OKRs, and team-level results and retrospectives. The drafts are presented on an interactive whiteboard and the Co-Author helps teams measure both leading and lagging indicators of value.

Move teams from outcomes to action plans in seconds.

From a set of objectives and results and using the obstacles the team has described in their retros, WorkBoard Co-Author generates a draft plan of actions to achieve the OKRs. The team can interact with the actions and OKRs on the whiteboard, and quickly change assigned names and owners. By mapping out the actions to achieve outcomes in just minutes, teams can move into execution mode, immediately improving their odds of high achievement and avoiding miscommunication or wasted time.

Drive fast focus and reduce meeting overhead. 

From a set of team’s OKRs and their plans of action, WorkBoard’s Co-Author will draft scorecards and business reviews to drive strategy execution and quarter outcomes. This expands on the tens of thousands of hours WorkBoard’s platform already saves enterprises in the preparation of management decks for MBRs and QBRs today by delivering management briefs and insights to users and streamlining cross-functional coordination in the most complex enterprises.

Manage holistically from strategy to execution.

Before this innovation, it was virtually impossible for large enterprises to see how a long-range strategy and outcome drives current quarter objectives and results and the action plans to drive those results. In a large enterprise, this encompasses more than 2 million relationships and intersections between outcomes, OKRs, teams and their actions. Identifying major alignment and execution gaps or opportunities will now be exponentially easier with generated and inferred alignment using AI that ensures the elements connect via a delightful interactive user experience on a wide-angle canvas.

“I am incredibly excited about these innovations, which will allow leaders to build draft versions of strategies, OKRs and identify leading and lagging insights — all based on historic precedent and previous success within the company. Ultimately this will help teams at every level improve their ability to plan, measure and iterate to better serve customers.”

Joel Neeb
VP of Execution and Transformation, Office of the CEO, VMware

Trustworthy AI

As artificial intelligence continues to advance, WorkBoard remains dedicated to upholding ethical principles in our AI and machine learnings technologies. Our commitment to building trustworthy AI is driven by our core values, customer trust, and a focus on ethics.

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