CrowdSource Executes More Efficiently with Workboard

“Execution is everything”

Stephanie Leffler, CEO, CrowdSource

“I use Workboard to manage my own priorities and to do list as well as keep the team aligned with our strategic goals.  Whether you’re growing a business or maintaining position as a market leader, execution is everything — Workboard is an easy, effective way to align resources and actions to goals for efficient execution.”

Stephanie Leffler leads CrowdSource, which brings talent and technology together to help retailers, agencies, marketers and publishers tackle large scale data and content initiatives.  As an entrepreneur and recognized business leader, Stephanie’s a strategic thinker with a strong execution discipline.  She travels often and loves leading Crowdsource as they disrupt the multi-billion dollar staffing industry.

The top 4 reasons Stephanie loves Workboard are:

I can manage where my time goes

Where I spend my time and effort is critical and difficult to manage. I keep a list of priorities in Workboard to focus and avoid distractions. To improve my own execution, I assess where I’ve invested time and its impact, too.

Delegating and sharing work are easy

Workboard makes it easy for me to delegate action items and see their status anytime and without chasing my team down. The executive team and I can share and collaborate on work more easily.

The team is aligned on priorities

Workboard’s visible priorities help the team do work that matters and understand how and why it’s important. We can shift and communicate priorities and realign more quickly.

Remote work is how the world works

1.3 billion people will work remotely by 2015, engaged only over the Internet. Workboard is a great enabler for high-velocity virtual teams and helps enable efficient decentralized work.

See Workboard in action.